3 Ways Content Creators Can Use Private Pinterest Boards

Pinterest secret boards

Pinterest recently announced the introduction of private or “secret’ boards, which allow users to pin items to boards that their followers can’t see. This is a feature Pinterest users have been wanting for a long time, as it helps with planning gifts and surprise parties and pinning personal items that you might not want others … [Read more]

For Internet trolls, Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Accountability

anonymity on the internet

Every few years, when a well-known and roundly reviled Internet personality is outed by investigative bloggers, a vocal minority attacks the unmasking as a violation of free speech. The argument, trotted out most recently by defenders of Michael “Violentacrez” Brutsch upon his 4,700-word public shaming by Gawker as “the Biggest Troll on the Web,” boils … [Read more]

On Being Over 40 and Working in Social Media

Too old for social media?

Like you, I read the post by Cathryn Sloan at NextGen Journal discussing why social media managers need to be under 25. And, like many of you, I took the link bait. As someone who is a couple of years shy of 50, this attitude gets to me. It gets to me not only because … [Read more]

Disclose This: How the FTC Has Left Bloggers and Publishers Dazed and Confused

ftc disclosure

Many bloggers and other content creators do their best to disclose to their audiences when they have received money, gifts, or other special perks that supports the content they make available for others to enjoy for free. Despite these efforts, most bloggers and publishers may still not be following the FTC’s disclosure rules. Even for … [Read more]

FTC’s New Dot Com Disclosures: What Every Online Marketer Needs to Know


Many of you may already know that the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires content creators to provide disclosures where there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations. Well, the FTC is now re-evaluating its 12-year-old online advertising disclosure guidelines, also known as “Dot Com Disclosures.” Any decision the FTC reaches … [Read more]

Digital Hatfields and McCoys: America’s Need for Better Judges

Every day, judges have to deal with cases involving technology they don’t understand. This is simply a fact of life. However, with the rise of cases involving the Internet, we absolutely need judges who better understand how this technology works. The average age of our Supreme Court justices in the United States is 66, and … [Read more]

Why the Virtual Ticket Will Feel “Even Closer to Being There Live” This Year

Blogworld Get It All

As the guy in charge of BlogWorld’s Virtual Ticket program (which allows people who can’t make it to the live event to “attend” on their own timetable from their home or office), I’ve been given a very interesting puzzle to solve. Here are the two questions I keep asking myself: How can we most effectively … [Read more]

Facebook, YouTube and Google Grab Number One Spots on Nielsen’s “Tops of 2011″ List

facebook like button

Nielsen unveiled their Tops of 2011 list this week and when it comes to their Tops of 2011: Digital list, nothing is really surprising about it. Google is the top web brand, Facebook the top social network and YouTube is where the masses go to watch videos. Actually, I am a little surprised at the … [Read more]

Texas Teen Ben Breedlove Uses the Power of Words and Video to Touch Thousands

Ben Breedlove

There are most likely hundreds of blog posts on tips and tricks to making a video go viral. You ask yourself what your audience wants to see or if you should upgrade to a better camera. Or maybe if you just had that high priced video editing software, your videos would be shared with thousands. … [Read more]

FTC Decides to Close Its Investigation on Hyundai and Their Blogger Outreach Campaign


During Super Bowl XLV, Hyundai hired a PR firm to handle a blogger outreach campaign to build buzz around their Super Bowl commercial. The bloggers were asked to write about the commercial, featuring the Hyundai Elantra, and were given a gift certificate in exchange. But there was a problem with the campaign. There was no … [Read more]