Technology and Medicine [Infographic]

We all know technology is changing our world, but have you ever thought of using it to take care of your own healthcare needs? Believe it or not, lots of apps are in the marketplace to help you do your own medical diagnosis. And, according to statistics, technology may be able to replace up to … [Read more]

Make an NMX Infographic


At NMX this month, many conference go-ers filled out fun infographics about their NMX experience. The fine folks at created these for attendees to color in at its booth and at our infographics session led by John Meyer. We loved this idea and thought we’d share photos of some of the finished products. Want … [Read more]

Can Tablets Take the Place of Teachers? [Infographic]

Although there’s more technology use in developed countries, those who live in third-world nations are quick to learn how devices work when given the opportunity. The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization recently gave tablets to children in Ethiopia to see if kids could learn without the benefit of an actual teacher. Here’s what happened: … [Read more]

The “Art” of Storytelling

Most don’t have it; a fortunate few do. Only a handful of very talented “naturals” have the ability to engage an audience through their brilliantly-crafted stories. Not only are they able to use their charisma and emotional intelligence to captivate and charm, they’re able to ignite and convince their audience to take action through the … [Read more]

2012 Social Sharing Trends [Infographic]

2012 Trends

With each passing year, we share more, invest in new tech toys, and the way we get the news of the day evolves. Information is everywhere and all of us are a part of shaping the social sphere around us. As we get ready to wrap up 2012, what will the year be known for? … [Read more]

The Top 20 Most Social CMOs in the Fortune 100

This fall, Mark Fidelman, our Conference Director of BusinessNext Social, set out to find the most socially active group of CMOs in the Fortune 100.  Surprisingly, the group is overall not on the early adopter end of the social media spectrum. Only one in five CMOs or top-level marketing / communications executives from the Fortune … [Read more]

Social Media Crisis Management [Infographic]

Although teen and young adult students are some of the most entrenched in social media, it’s ironic that more colleges aren’t taping into social trends when it comes to crisis communication. The following infographic from shows some interesting stats (and missed opportunities!) for today’s institutes of higher education. Although, truth be told, many businesses … [Read more]

Solving Crime with Social Media [Infographic]

Planning on organizing a big heist today? Well, be sure not to announce it on Twitter or Facebook! Ok, sure, that sounds silly. But, you’d be amazed at how effectively law enforcement is able to use social media to gather evidence, establish probable cause, or identify suspects. This nifty infographic from sheds some light … [Read more]

A Look at the Top 25 Hosting Providers

September was an exciting month for GoDaddy and their 50 million-plus users. Whether it was a hacker or DNS issue, the downtime happened and it was affecting a great portion of the internet. In addition to domain names, GoDaddy also does hosting for millions of their customers. While GoDaddy is one of the largest companies … [Read more]

Social Media and Higher Education [Infographic]

College and universities are embracing social media as a means to connect with the current student body, alumni, prospective students, and donors. According to, one in three schools indicate that they achieve better results with social media than through traditional media. According to recent data conducted by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth: 98% … [Read more]