Dear Gurus: Let’s Talk Less and Listen More


Dear Gurus: It’s Time to Talk Less and Listen More By Hadji Williams It’s been about three weeks since Keith Elam, one of the most accomplished artists of my generation passed away. As one-half of Gang Starr, Elam was truly a Gifted emcee who pioneered an ill poetic street corner philosopher’s eloquence not yet heard … [Read more]

Hey That Blogger Stole My Content: How to Deal with Content Theft


A blogger’s words are like a  store’s inventory. If merchandise is stolen, the shop loses sales. If others are stealing a blogger’s words or using his content, there’s really no reason for him to bother anymore as. Exclusive content is important for traffic and ad sales. In short, it sucks when someone else is using … [Read more]

United Airlines Sucks!

So back on May 23′rd of this year I was flying home out of Schiphol Airport after two long weeks working two separate trade shows in Europe.  I arrived at the airport almost three hours early and was one of the first in line to check in. The check in crew showed up all smiles … [Read more]

Facebook as Terrorist Recruiting Tool?

Could this be a big ‘uh oh’ for Facebook?  For now it doesn’t look like it, but this recent bout of news does raise some questions as to exactly how Facebook is going to begin addressing some of the more questionable uses of their social networking site. We all know they were quick to address … [Read more]

Facebook Gives Two Holocaust Denial Groups The Boot

Looks like pressure finally got to Facebook and they did what I am sure the vast majority of people will agree, was the right thing.  Freedom of speech in this country is beyond vital.  The ability to say what we feel, when we feel it without censorship or controlling is one of the things that … [Read more]

Twitter Worm Spreads Over Easter Weekend

Isn’t Easter supposed to be the time of getting dressed up nicely, maybe going to a church with your family, eating too much ham, eggs and rolls and finding bright colored eggs hidden all over the yard?  I’m fairly sure the last thing it’s supposed to be about is the spreading of a new worm … [Read more]

Will Toyota Honor Their Warranty?

This is an interesting experiment. A good friend of mine bought a new Toyota Camry in March of 2006.  A few days ago he had some car trouble and took it to the dealer. Toyota of Temecula Valley.  It sounds like his engine is blown and that the dealer is going to try to stick … [Read more]

Wikipedia Founder Has “No Problem” with Fraud

I first heard about this story this morning. /HT Infothought. The basics; A wikia employee (a for profit entity related to Wikipedia) who calls himself Essjay on Wikipedia and claims the following academic credentials “a tenured professor of religion at a private university” with “a Ph.D. in theology and a degree in canon law.” turns … [Read more]