For Internet trolls, Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Accountability

anonymity on the internet

Every few years, when a well-known and roundly reviled Internet personality is outed by investigative bloggers, a vocal minority attacks the unmasking as a violation of free speech. The argument, trotted out most recently by defenders of Michael “Violentacrez” Brutsch upon his 4,700-word public shaming by Gawker as “the Biggest Troll on the Web,” boils … [Read more]

Should Twitter Comply with NYPD?


Right now, the story is gaining momentum online. Someone on Twitter has threatened to launch an “Aurora style” shooting at Mike Tyson’s one-man show in New York City (of course, the person is referring to the devastating shooting in Aurora, Colorado which occurred on the opening day of The Dark Knight Rises and resulted in … [Read more]

Disclose This: How the FTC Has Left Bloggers and Publishers Dazed and Confused

ftc disclosure

Many bloggers and other content creators do their best to disclose to their audiences when they have received money, gifts, or other special perks that supports the content they make available for others to enjoy for free. Despite these efforts, most bloggers and publishers may still not be following the FTC’s disclosure rules. Even for … [Read more]

Are Bloggers Different than Journalists?

I’ve spent lots of time in newsrooms, for both print and broadcast news organizations. My first job was as a reporter; the ethics of journalism were pounded into me at an early age. Be objective, don’t do anything to tamper with the integrity of the story, and report the facts. As a blogger, however, I … [Read more]

Revenge of the Nerds: Why Baiting Your Readers is a Bad Idea

Not Alyssa Bereznak. Obviously.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a bit of a nerd, and right now the nerds online are all flustered over a recent Gizmodo post where blogger Alyssa Bereznak wrote some pretty offensive things about a recent online dating experience. The basis of the story is this: she went out with a guy who … [Read more]

Custody Order Requires Father to Take Down Blog


Last week a judge in Bucks County, PA required a father to take down a blog under threat of incarceration and/or risking losing custody of his children. The blog, (which is currently down), was created in 2007 to attract others going through difficult divorces and custody situations – offering support and information via forums, … [Read more]

Rumors and Non-Disclosure Agreements


On Saturday, Mashable added another rumored feature to the growing list of iPhone 5 modifications. The CEO of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, confirmed that Sony is manufacturing a camera sensor that will be used in the iPhone 5. Production of the sensor has been delayed due to the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. It is … [Read more]

How to Make Your Blog More Honest

Scott Ginsbert

Honesty is scary. Not just for you, but for the people around you. THINK ABOUT IT: Any time you honestly, sincerely and candidly share your opinion about something that matters to you, there’s always that one insecure, cynical twit who just has to remark… “Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?” Um, I … [Read more]

Bloggers Unite to Urge Release of Comrade


Sure, bloggers may be a competitive lot – especially when they’re struggling to capture readers in a crowded niche. But there’s one thing they often band together on – freedom of speech and civil rights. A collective of bloggers and activists have launched a blog to campaign for the release of Ali Abdulemam, a blogger … [Read more]

Dear Gurus: Let’s Talk Less and Listen More


Dear Gurus: It’s Time to Talk Less and Listen More By Hadji Williams It’s been about three weeks since Keith Elam, one of the most accomplished artists of my generation passed away. As one-half of Gang Starr, Elam was truly a Gifted emcee who pioneered an ill poetic street corner philosopher’s eloquence not yet heard … [Read more]