Trust Your Instincts!


What an honor to share the ”Mind of Ramon” with you tonight BlogWorld! My goal was to inspire you. If you live in Chicago I also want to get you addicted to the Domino’s Pizza experience. Sometimes we need to see something done before we act upon it. This is why you always hear people … [Read more]

Overheard on #BWEchat: Kids at Conferences

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This week, #BWEchat‘s topic was kids at conferences in a town hall type of setting with no special guest. I personally don’t have kids, but I’ve definitely been to conferences and conventions where kids were welcome  – and have had both good and bad experiences. Some of the questions posed this week included: Does a … [Read more]

Overheard on #BWEchat: Conference Sponsorship Advice

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This week at #BWEchat we covered the topic of conference sponsorship with our guest Kelby Carr (@typeamom). The discussion covered topics that ranged from why to have a sponsor to how to approach potential sponsors. I loved all the great tweets from Kelby and other participants. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome … [Read more]