How to Get the Most out of New Media Expo

antonio centeno

Editor’s note: Big THANK YOU to Antonio Centeno, one of our NMX 2014 speakers, for writing this guide to NMX based on his past experiences. Feel free to add your own tips with a comment below. Are you new to NMX? We’ll be having a New Attendee Orientation on Saturday for everyone who wants to … [Read more]

Making the Most out of NMX: Las Vegas Travel Tips for Attendees

Las Vegas can be a daunting city to visit, especially if it is the first time you have been there. There are so many possibilities and things to do. I wanted to share my advice and tips on the city with everyone visiting for New Media Expo. I have visited Las Vegas often, and love the … [Read more]

5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Conferences (Sponsored Post)

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You’ve booked the tickets. You’ve found a place to sleep. You’ve broken every single piggy bank you’ve ever owned and paid the registration fee (or registered early and got a really good deal, because why waste perfectly good piggy banks?).  And now the day has finally come – The Much Anticipated Conference is finally here, … [Read more]

10 Tips You Didn’t Know About Attending NMX and Other Conferences

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I’ve been working with NMX for about three years now, and it amazes me the behind-the-scenes info I’ve learned in that time. In order to make your next conference experience go a little more smoothly, I put together this blog post to share some of the secrets I’ve learned. I hope to see you at … [Read more]

5 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned at NMX

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You might suspect that I’m biased when I say that NMX is the best conference in the world. But I can honestly say that I would attend this conference even if I didn’t work for the company. The networking is great. The show floor helps my business. But more than anything, I love NMX for … [Read more]

Doing NMX 2014 on a Tight Budget

nmx on a tight budget

NMX is a show that will pay for itself if you use your time in Vegas to network and learn as much as possible. I’ve made several business deals, built valuable relationships with a-listers, found new readers for my blog, and more at past NMX/BlogWorld events. In my mind, there are very few good reasons … [Read more]

10 Reasons You Should Start Thinking About Your NMX Speaking Proposal NOW

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NMX 2013 is a wrap, and even though it may seem like you have an entire year before you have to start thinking about the next show, if you have aspirations to speak, you really should start thinking about it today. And here’s why: Reason #1: We open the proposal submission form as soon as … [Read more]

Afrobella’s Do’s and Don’ts of Conference Fashion

Rainbow colors. Choice of casual clothes on wooden hangers, isolated on white.

My path in life has always been creative and non-conventional, so when it comes to events that require a professional, reserved, business-like appearance, I feel completely at a loss. Professional I can do. Reserved and business-like? Corporate? Not so much. Even before I quit my job to blog full time, I worked in laid back, … [Read more]

6 Things an NMX Veteran is Doing to Prepare for the Event

After months of preparation, it’s almost time for the New Media Expo event in Las Vegas. I know that the show management folks have been working hard, exhibitors have been preparing thier displays and products, and my fellow speakers have been crafting their presentations. Having attended New Media Expo a few times previously (when it … [Read more]

How to Approach an A-Lister at NMX

networking at NXM

Attending NMX gives you the unique opportunity to meet the people who inspire you. I’ll never forget being at my first conference and getting to thank the people who inspired me to become a blogger. That kind of in-person connection just can’t be beat. But these kind of meet and greets can be a little … [Read more]