Rewards of 8 years of hard work…NMX 2015 event

NMX CEO Rick Calvert

Did you see the amazing news about where NMX will be next year? I am beyond excited! That’s why I’m giving you something very special this week. (But you have to read this blog post to find out what it is…) It’s been a dream of mine to hold our event in conjunction with NAB … [Read more]

When is New Media Expo 2015? Where Will It Be?

NMX Entrance  crowd

We have heard those questions so many times the last couple of months. I apologize for keeping you waiting so long to hear the answers. Two hours ago I got an email I had been waiting on for eight years. Since I first had the idea to launch New Media Expo I knew that for … [Read more]

Protect Your Favorite Podcast from the Patent Trolls


There are often very good reasons people and companies must defend their patents. The Patent system protects inventors. When a patent is infringed on, the holder must take action or risk losing their patent. That is how it works when the system is being used properly. Patent Trolls are not using the system as it … [Read more]

Five ways to tell a visually compelling story online (Sponsored Post)

3d person holding a megaphone forming the word blog.

In today’s digitally focused world, it can be hard to break through all of the clutter. This makes it increasingly important to stay on top of trends. As part of the Army Marketing and Research Group, we constantly think about how we can bring our target audience the information they seek, in the best possible … [Read more]

Rob Greenlee Announced As New CTO At PodcastOne

Rob Greenlee

Longtime Podcasting veteran and pioneer Rob Greenlee was announced as the new CTO for PodcastOne this morning.  Rob has been a long time friend of and speaker at New Media Expo. We see this is a significant move for PodcastOne just three short weeks away from CEO Norm Pattiz’s blockbuster keynote on The Future of … [Read more]

And The Winner’s Are… 9th Annual Podcast Awards

It’s time again for the annual Podcast Awards! The ballots have been counted. The awards have been handed out. Your 2013 winners are… Best Video Podcast: Rob Has a Podcast Business: NPR Planet Money Podcast Comedy: The Morning Stream Cultural/Arts: This American Life Education: Grammar Girl Entertainment: The “Walking Dead” Cast Food and Drink: The … [Read more]

People Vote With Their Wallets. Period. (Platinum Sponsor Post)

In 1994 I wrote a script for a twenty eight minute video. To produce the video it cost me $10,000. The video generated over $120,000,000.00 in revenue. Yes, that’s millions. Approximately 20% of that went directly into my pocket. If you are a writer, blogger, podcaster or producer you need to read this article.If you … [Read more]

Dr. Drew to Emcee the 9th Annual Podcast Awards


Here at NMX, we are looking forward to giving a home to the 9th Annual Podcast Awards ceremony. We’re happy to announce that this year’s emcee will be Dr. Drew Pinsky. All NMX attendees are invited to join us live at 6:30 PM on Sunday, January 5 for the awards. If you don’t have your … [Read more]

NMX Keynote: The Future of Podcasting with Leo Laporte, Norman Pattiz, and Noah Shanok

Leo Laporte

We’re happy to announce that Leo Laporte, Norman Pattiz, and Noah Shanok will be taking the keynote stage at NMX 2014 for “The Future of Podcasting.” This keynote is starting at 9:00 AM on Monday, January 6 – don’t be late! Leo Laporte has worked as an author, speaker, and broadcaster in New Haven, Monterey, … [Read more]

Join Us for the 2014 Military Track at NMX!

Scott Fussell

We’re proud to announce that we’re bring the military track back to NMX for another year. Did you know that a huge percentage of NMX speakers and community members are vets or active duty military? We believe this is telling – the military prepares you for success in the new media world! This track is … [Read more]