Small Business Blog Tune Up: Turbo Charge with SEO

SEO turbo charge for your blog

Let’s face it: small businesses blog for one reason: to get noticed and eventually lead to some sort of sale. Whether demonstrating expertise on a topic, promoting your services or brand, or interviewing someone in the industry, you are encouraging people to come to your site, share your content, and ultimately do business with you. … [Read more]

Black Eyes and Bruises: How to Finish a Blog Post That’s Fighting You

Finish a Blog Post That's Fighting You

Most of the time, blog posts just kind of flow from my fingers as I type. I might do a bit of an outline before I start, but I can finish the first draft of most posts in under an hour (and sometimes in as little as 10-15 minutes). But every so often, a blog … [Read more]

5 Ways to Avoid B2B Blogger Burnout

falling from chair

Whether you write about GPS systems or accounting software, you know blogging about business-to-business (B2B) topics gets boring quickly. As time goes by and you keep pushing for new topic ideas and trying to find more time to write about them, you often find yourself feeling uninspired, bored, or otherwise wishing for a way out. … [Read more]

10 Tips for Discovering New Blogs

discovering new blogs

We all tend to get stuck in our own blogging cliques from time to time. I’m as guilty as anyone. But getting out there and finding new blogs to read can be really inspiring. It can give you ideas for your own blog, introduce you to new people who have something to teach you, and … [Read more]

From Good to Great: 5 Ways to Turn Passion into Better Blogging

vanilla bean blog

If there’s one thing that sets the big blogs apart, it’s passion. With that in mind, here are five ways to turn your passion into better blogging! 1. Be Willing to Learn New Things Take that enthusiasm you have for your industry and use it to grow your ability to communicate about it. Blogging is … [Read more]

How Often Should I Blog?

One question I get asked a LOT is, “How much do I need to write at my blog?” The question needs clarification. How much does a blogger need to write to do what? Have an online platform? Get readers? Make money? Make money from traffic alone? Make money by offering display or affiliate ads? Make … [Read more]

7 Pieces of Blog Advice to Ignore

blog advice to ignore

When it comes to advice, blogging’s like anything else—everybody’s got an opinion, and these opinions often conflict. How can you know whose to trust? Which advice is the right advice? Are there certain tips that you can always assume to be untrue? To help answer those questions, here are seven pieces of advice you can … [Read more]

5 Creative Solutions for Twitter Embeds on WordPress

Twitter Embeds on WordPress

When WordPress came out with the ability to embed Tweets on posts and pages, a few of us thought, “cool.” It’s so easy. Just click on “Expand”, then on “Details,” which will open up the single tweet. Then just copy and paste the URL. And there you are: a sweet, instantly embedded tweet, like this: … [Read more]

Putting Pen to Paper: P H O T O G R A P H Y

Have you ever had a challenging time coming up with a blog topic? Everyone has a different way to jumpstart their juices. I simply take notes (yes, actually take to paper, pen in hand) and jot what comes to mind. So if you’re at a complete stop, simply grab a piece of paper, then start … [Read more]

How to Turn ONE Piece of Content into an Online Marketing Marathon — Without Lifting a Finger!


What if you could create one piece of content, and then turn it into four completely separate pieces of fresh, original content to use all over the internet to help market and promote your online brand? It’s doable. And way easier than most think, and it’s the topic that I’ll be covering at my presentation … [Read more]