Young Entrepreneurs Who Made Millions Online [Infographic]


Online, you can be successful no matter what your age – and we have the proof! Check out this infographic showing some of the top young entrepreneurs who’ve become millionaires through their work online: Editor’s note: These online entrepreneurs make me motivated to work harder. I love a good success story! But your role models … [Read more]

The Life-Changing Move I Made When I Wanted to Quit Blogging

I Quit written with Dry Erase Marker

Feel like your blog has stalled? I’ve been there. Today’s post is a pretty personal one for me. I think all bloggers get to a point where they plateau. Your content is great, but you don’t have any more readers than you did last month. You’re enjoying what you’re doing, but the blog isn’t paying … [Read more]

How I Successfully Make Money Building and Selling Blogs

dollar sign

I’ve been creating content online since 2006. I started out building a camping website with my husband, which we would work on in the evenings after the kids went to bed. We came up with the topic through keyword research and looking at the stats. It was purely about the stats, because let me tell … [Read more]

How I Tripled My Mailing List Sign-Ups in Under 10 Minutes

email 2

In addition to my own sites and the work I do here at BlogWorld, I also help other clients with their blogs. Recently, I was tasked with helping a client with his mailing list, and although my main job was to write some auto-responders, I also made a few simple suggestions regarding the mailing list … [Read more]

Food Blogger Tackles the Issue of Unhealthy School Lunches

school lunch

She is a school speech pathologist by day and an anonymous food blogger by night, until she recently revealed her identity on ABC’s Good Morning America. Known as “Mrs. Q” on her food blog Fed Up With Lunch, teacher Sarah Wu was ready (well kind 0f) to reveal herself and her mission to make school … [Read more]

Design Student Sells Her Popular Blog Inhabitat, Staying On as Editor in Chief


Design student Jill Fehrenbacher started her green design blog, Inhabitat, in her spare time and never intended on turning it into a business. Little did she know how it would grow to the point where 6 1/2 years later she would sell it, for what I can only imagine, was a nice chunk of change. … [Read more]

Blogger Success Story: 'You Make a Living at That?'


Blogger Success Story: Daniel Gray (Want to share your success story? Feel free to email me!) Daniel Gray is the founder and editor-in-chief of, “where mileage matters” … the Internet’s independent authority on fuel efficient vehicles and the revolution in transportation. A veteran tech writer, Daniel has a penchant for both the untold tale … [Read more]