Top 10 Reasons to Stop Writing Top-10 Posts


Lists: Bloggers love them. Readers love them. Pinterest loves them. So why not write lists all the time, right? Well, not so fast. Before you go churning out one more top-10 list on your site, consider the following reasons why you shouldn’t: 1. They’re Overdone. Everybody writes top-10 posts. You can find top-10 posts about … [Read more]

10 Easy-to-Fix Content Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Content Mistakes

Over the past few years, content marketing has emerged as the answer to a lot of our online marketing challenges. And because it works, we all do it—but not all of us do it as successfully as we’d like. Granted, there’s no fool proof marketing plan that guarantees success. The only guarantee we have is … [Read more]

6 Keys to Every Great Blog Post


Despite the uniqueness found in every blog post, there are certain commonalities that exist in every great blog post. Use this list and make sure your post has all six of these elements before sending it out to the world. 1. An Intriguing Title Why are you reading this post? It’s probably because you wanted to learn … [Read more]

3 Steps to Increase Blog Visitors, Mailing List Signups, and Product Sales

3 Steps to Increase Blog Visitors, Mailing List Signups, and Product Sales

What’s the difference between a $100 bill and a $1 bill? Same paper. Same ink. So why do we value one more than the other? The copy. Like dollar bills, the words you put on your blog or speak during your podcast will make all the difference as to how people value what you create. … [Read more]

Should You Create Content for Beginners?


Sometimes, I forget that the whole world hasn’t been blogging for years like I have. I know that sounds incredibly arrogant, but I think we all get wrapped up in our own worlds at times. We forget that others haven’t had the same experiences that we’ve had. And, we forget that others might not understand … [Read more]

Blog Writing Tips: 5 Ways To Write Posts that Google (and Your Readers) Love

According to Jamie Stilgoe’s Guardian article, Google is on a mission to eradicate content farms and poor quality link building. Google is out with a machete to axe any web page with content that doesn’t measure up to the quality that was hitherto expected only from principal brands. The content marketing scene has changed drastically … [Read more]

On Agony and Blogging: How to Start Writing and Stop Panicking


I was in second grade when I wrote my first blog post. Okay, back in 1992, blogging wasn’t exactly a “thing” yet. But I had just received a shiny Lisa Frank diary for Christmas, and the blank pages were killing me. I had to fill those pages, and I had to do it now, before … [Read more]

Blog Post Schedule: When and How Often to Publish New Blog Posts

calendar blog post schedule

Editor’s Note: Guest Poster Bill Belew wrote briefly about this topic back in March. Check out his advice, as well as reading this different perspective from guest contributor Shanna Mallon. Whether you’re a new blogger or an old veteran, one thing’s for sure: You’ve heard you should be blogging regularly. If you’re going to blog … [Read more]

6 Subheadings Strategies You Need to Know


One thing can kill your blog post faster than a boring topic and flat language: subheading mistakes. Of course, the biggest mistake of all is not using subheadings. Readers need subheadings so they can quickly find what they are looking for. Subheadings and space breaks give them the scannability and simplicity they crave. But when … [Read more]

Creative Blogging with a Persona: An Artist, Journalist, and Reviewer Walk into a Blog…

We’re all guilty of going on auto-pilot with our blog once in a while: maybe we missed our deadline and need to whip up something quick, or we have to churn out a piece on a hot topic everyone else has done already, or worse yet, our eyes glaze over at the same old format … [Read more]