7 Ways to Suck at Building Relationships Online


You know your  blog would take off if only Joe Schmoe the a-list blogger in your niche would have the good sense to read it and promote it. You just know it. It’s time to build that relationship. You’re going to be a rock star. You can feel it in your bones. I hesitate to … [Read more]

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Selling Digital Products on Your Blog (Step Five)

Step Five Serving Cusomters

Your product is out there! You’re starting to make some money! Now you can sit back and just watch the passive income roll in, right? Wrong. One of the biggest mistakes most people make when selling digital products is thinking that the work ends after launch day. Very few people can “set it and forget … [Read more]

Highway Blogging: How to Keep Your Readers Happy No Matter What Their Experience Level


Recently, I went on a pretty epic road trip to visit family members living in various east coast states. Driving thousands of miles gives a person a lot of time to think (especially when your boyfriend/driving buddy falls asleep like a baby whenever he’s sitting in the passenger seat of a car for more than … [Read more]

Get More Long-Term Readers with the Soap Bubble Approach to Blogging

getting more long-term readers

Traffic spikes can be exciting. It’s fun to watch a post go viral, especially if those new readers are also leaving comments. But when those people leave your blog, they often don’t come back. Getting more long-term readers is a lot harder than getting more traffic. Ten long-term readers who will become a part of … [Read more]

Is Removing the Dates from Your Blog Posts a Good Idea?


One of the defining characteristics of a blog is that they’re updated instead of just being a static website. Over the past few years, however, more and more bloggers are opting to remove the dates from blog posts, so if you land on a single post/page, you have no idea when it was actually published. … [Read more]

How to Build a Stronger Blog Community Using Comments (Part One)

stronger blog community

About a year and a half ago, I started an interesting experiment on one of my blogs. Previously, I had only replied to comments sparingly, when someone asked a direct question or challenged the opinion in the post. I would get one or two comments on each post, with the occasional post getting more comments … [Read more]

From Good to Great: 5 Ways to Turn Passion into Better Blogging

vanilla bean blog

If there’s one thing that sets the big blogs apart, it’s passion. With that in mind, here are five ways to turn your passion into better blogging! 1. Be Willing to Learn New Things Take that enthusiasm you have for your industry and use it to grow your ability to communicate about it. Blogging is … [Read more]

7 Pieces of Blog Advice to Ignore

blog advice to ignore

When it comes to advice, blogging’s like anything else—everybody’s got an opinion, and these opinions often conflict. How can you know whose to trust? Which advice is the right advice? Are there certain tips that you can always assume to be untrue? To help answer those questions, here are seven pieces of advice you can … [Read more]

5 Beginner Steps to Creating a Blog that You Can Monetize

creating a blog post

Last week, I wrote Follow 50+ MBA-level Case Studies in Content and Inbound Marketing about a 48-hour class that is happening at a university in Silicon Valley. In the first week, my students wrote a combined 750-ish posts of varying length and purpose – daily posts, guest posts, link bait posts. At Top 10 Content Marketing Sites … [Read more]

Blog Gamification: The Key to Community Growth?

Blog Gamification

I look at my clock and it’s less than an hour until my next deadline. I haven’t had time to eat a proper meal in days, nor do I remember the last time I got a full night’s sleep. Heck, I haven’t even had time to shower yet today, and let’s not talk about my … [Read more]