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030 The Podcast Report – What’s Coming To The Podcasting Track For NMX?


PodcastReport-150 Erik Fisher and I are back with another episode of The Podcast Report, the podcast devoted to the Podcasting Track of New Media Expo.

In this episode, Erik and I review the sessions that are coming to the Podcasting Track for New Media Expo. Also, we are joined by Renee Chambliss to review some of the amazing sessions that are going to be put together by members of the Fiction Podcasting Community!

I’m especially excited about the three live fiction podcast with full drama narration that will be created during the conference as well as the amazing session on Making Audio Books with Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange.

New Media Expo Promo
If you have an interest in promoting NMX to your audience, we have created a professionally produced promo that you can play on your podcast. This is a great way to encourage your community to come meet you, face to face, at this event.

Click Here To Download The Promo

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