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Can Tablets Take the Place of Teachers? [Infographic]


Although there’s more technology use in developed countries, those who live in third-world nations are quick to learn how devices work when given the opportunity. The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization recently gave tablets to children in Ethiopia to see if kids could learn without the benefit of an actual teacher. Here’s what happened:

Can Tablets Take the Place of Teachers?

Infographic courtesy of BachelorsDegreeOnline.com

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  • Teaching Agency London

    I do fear that time will come when all kids will do is check their assignments and things to read via email. No more teachers to write in the blackboards or read stories to kids because a Tablet can do what we teachers can teach in real life.

    I do hope that children will still value us and would want use around though they have these high tech gadgets.

    • Amber Avines

      As far as I’m concerned, teachers will always be needed for effective learning. Hopefully, technology will just supplement your efforts. Nothing beats a real life teacher 😉

  • Mark Best

    I wish it gave more of a breakdown of what the memory cards show.
    What I’d really like to see is a breakdown of play/learning time. When given these tablets do they actually sit down with the intention of learning like kids do in a classroom or do they spend 80% of their time playing games and the ‘learning’ part comes from other recreational activities like spelling to browse the web?

  • Brian Johnson

    I think at some point, technology can give many values to all mankind on this planet and make our life much even easier than before. However, at some other point, we’ve already seen how the rise of tablets has killed many kind of sectors of business in this world, like newspaper, physical books, etc. But personally, i really like this “One tablet per child” program. In many developing countries, there are many kids that are still struggling to reach school given that many of them just can’t afford it. So i believe with this program, many kids in countries like Ethiopia can finally gain access to the most important aspect in school. And that is the knowledge. However, i do really think that there must be some teachers or someone else that can control the kids in using the tablets.

  • Deepak Rupnar

    No more teachers to write in the blackboards or read stories to kids because a Tablet can do what we teachers can teach in real life… 🙂

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