NMX Keynote: The Future of Podcasting with Leo Laporte, Norman Pattiz, and Noah Shanok

Leo Laporte

We’re happy to announce that Leo Laporte, Norman Pattiz, and Noah Shanok will be taking the keynote stage at NMX 2014 for “The Future of Podcasting.” This keynote is starting at 9:00 AM on Monday, January 6 – don’t be late! Leo Laporte has worked as an author, speaker, and broadcaster in New Haven, Monterey, … [Read more]

Join Us for the 2014 Military Track at NMX!

Scott Fussell

We’re proud to announce that we’re bring the military track back to NMX for another year. Did you know that a huge percentage of NMX speakers and community members are vets or active duty military? We believe this is telling – the military prepares you for success in the new media world! This track is … [Read more]

Why Blogs Are the Future for 2014 and How to Prepare Your Blog for the New Year

blogs are the future

As the calendar inches ever closer toward the new year, there’s never been a better time to talk about blogging. Everywhere you go these days, someone’s saying something about how many blogs there are and how the blog world is over-saturated. Could these ideas actually be true? Are blogs over, or is 2014 a good … [Read more]

Lynette Young and Lee Odden are Kicking Things Off at NMX 2014

lee odden

Five days from now, I hope you join me for what promises to be an amazing opening keynote at NMX 2014. Actually, you’ll get two for the price of one with this keynote! We’re happy to be welcoming both Lynette Young and Lee Odd to the stage for two mini keynotes that we know will … [Read more]

Going Viral: Learn How to Write Popular Posts from This Blogger’s Success

Paula Pant

Going viral: we all want it, yet it seems impossible to achieve unless you’re already a popular blogger. What about up-and-comers? Do we have any chance of hitting that traffic jackpot with one of our posts? Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Paula Pant about how she writes popular posts. Paula will be … [Read more]

Marshall Sylver is Taking the Stage at NMX 2014

Marshall Sylver

We’re excited to announce that in a little over a week, our Platinum Sponsor Marshall Sylver will be joining us on stage at NMX 2014. Check out Marshall’s bio: Marshall Sylver celebrates 45 years of entertaining, educating and empowering people. He has shared the stage with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Russel Simmons, Richard Branson … [Read more]

Super Session Spotlight: 5 Elements of a Powerful, Personal Brand

Michael Hyatt

At NMX 2014, we’ll be presenting several Super Sessions, which are longer and more in-depth sessions to kick off our Blogging, Podcasting, Web TV, and Business Tracks every day. Today’s Super Session Spotlight is all about Michael Hyatt, who will be presenting “5 Elements of a Powerful, Personal Brand” in the Podcasting Track on Day … [Read more]

New Attendee Orientation at NMX 2014: See You There?

Last year, the NMX New Attendee Orientation was such a smashing success that we decided to make it an annual event! If you are new to NMX, this is a great opportunity to learn about the conference, network with other newcomers, and get valuable tips about how to make the most out of your time … [Read more]

How to Partner with Brands to Host Events

carol cain

Looking for a unique way to monetize your blog? Tap into your influence! Brands are looking for bloggers who can host events, and one of our 2014 speakers, Carol Cain, has experience doing this. She was generous enough to share some of her tips and experiences working with brands to host events. Check out her … [Read more]

Join Us for a Photo Walk at NMX 2014

photo walk

Recently, we confirmed that Aaron Hockley and Darlene Hildebrandt will be leading a photography workshop, “Photography for your Website: from Camera to the Web” at NMX 2014, and now we have even better news for photographers: this dynamic duo will also be leading a photo walk at NMX 2014. The official NMX 2013 Photo Walk will … [Read more]