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November is Podcasting Month at NMX


November is Podcasting Month here at NMX and we’re excited to salute our podcast community! Here are some of the highlights of our month-long celebration of podcasting:

  • We’ll be hosting podcasting-related topics four times per week on the NMX Facebook page. Stop by and participate in the conversation Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 1:00pm EST/10am PT.
  • NMX blog contributor Daniel M. Clark has been working on a top-secret project that will be unveiled during Podcasting Month! If you want to get on the podcasting bandwagon, stay tuned!

Lastly, for those of you who may not know, this month is #NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Post Month). Podcasters are challenged to podcast every day for 30 days. Will you take the challenge?

Stay tuned to the blog and to our social channels for more about NMX’s Podcasting Month. This November we’re “thankful” for podcasters!

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Megan discovered podcasting early in 2005 and immediately became an enthusiastic listener and participant in the podcasting community. In 2007, she transitioned from fan to content producer with her own show PodcastJunky and her blogs, Podcastjunky.com and later MeganEnloe.com.

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