Better Blog Pages: Optimizing Your About Page (Day Three)


This post is part of a five-part series about creating better blog pages. You can see all the posts in this series here. One of the most important pages for your blog is your “about” page. Actually, you probably want at least two about pages – one for your blog and one for yourself. On … [Read more]

10 Tips for Your Brand or Business to Get Started on Instagram

instagram homepage

Photo-sharing app Instagram isn’t the first service to help brands and businesses share pictures from a mobile device to your community and it definitely won’t be the last. Instagram, fresh from finalizing its acquisition by Facebook and crossing the 100 million users mark, has become the prominent dashboard for capturing, editing, and sharing images across … [Read more]

Michael Brito: Chat Transcript

This month at NMX we launched weekly, lunchtime chats on Facebook. Our first special guest was Michael Brito, SVP of Social Business at Edelman. Michael’s also one of the speakers at our BusinessNext Social Conference in January. His session is titled “The New Influencers: Brand Advocacy Inside and Out.” Michael’s worked with big brands such … [Read more]

Better Blog Pages: Page Navigation (Day Two)


This post is part of a five-part series about creating better blog pages. You can see all the posts in this series here. In this series, we already talked about the most important page on your blog, the contact page. However, before we go even farther in talking about specific pages you need on your … [Read more]

Comigo CEO Dov Moran Talks About the Future of Smart TV

Do you think current smart TV allows easy integration between viewing programs and using the Internet? Comigo CEO Dov Moran (best known for developing the first flash drive, which sold to SanDisk for $1.6 Billion in 2006), thinks the current solutions don’t allow enough of an integrated experience. Check out what he has to say … [Read more]

Better Blog Pages: The Most Important Page On Your Blog (Day One)


This post is part of a five-part series about creating better blog pages. You can see all the post in the series here. Hands down, the most common mistake I see bloggers make is this: making it difficult to be contacted. People might want to contact you regarding several things. I most commonly contact people … [Read more]

6 Steps to Becoming a Podcaster


One year and some weeks ago, I wrote an article here at Blogw—well, at the time it was Blogworld—called A Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting Basics. Thinking about what I wanted to write this week, I figured re-visiting that might be a good idea. More and more people are becoming interested in the medium all the time, … [Read more]

Gorilla Networking: Building A Global Mastermind Group of All-Star Virtual Assistants


Image your website just got hacked and you don’t know how to fix it, and don’t have the time to deal with it. Or, suppose you just found out about a new way to take your business to a whole new level, but you don’t know anyone with the knowledge and time to actually make … [Read more]

011 The Podcast Report – The Podcast Pavilion & The Podcast Awards


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. I’m back with another episode of The Podcast Report with my co-host, Megan Enloe. The Podcast Podcast Pavilion One of the major highlights of the NMX event in January will be the Podcast Pavilion. Megan and I discuss the vision behind the Podcast … [Read more]

BlogWorld is Producing One Big New Media Expo Event in 2013 Instead of Two

Las Vegas sign

We know lots of you make your conference plans months in advance, so we want to let you know our agenda for 2013. Although we’ve hosted both a West Coast show and an East Coast show for the past two years, beginning in 2013 we’ll be returning to our original conference schedule. That means one … [Read more]