Google+ Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Whether it’s a Word doc or a social media platform, there are always tips and shortcuts that can help us do things more efficiently.

For those of you who are active on Google+, check out this helpful infographic from Blue Rise Media. (And, if you want to learn how to effectively use Google+ hangouts, be sure to read  “25 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Google+ Hangouts.”)




Reprinted with permission from Blue Rise Media.

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Amber Avines blogs at Words Done Write and runs a successful communications consultancy in Los Angeles. You can connect with Amber on Twitter at @wordsdonewrite.


  1. RhinoInternet says:

    @MariSmith @blogworldexpo Someday if I buy in to the Google+ hype I’m sure I’ll revisit this awesome infographic.

  2. blogworldexpo says:

    @marismith Thanks so much sharing our post!

  3. RT @MariSmith: Google+ Cheat Sheet [Infographic] via @blogworldexpo [Wonderful infograph!]

  4. wordsdonewrite says:

    @MariSmith Thanks for sharing the Google+ infographic, Mari! Hope your big event Thursday and Friday goes GREAT!

    • @wordsdonewrite My pleasure, Amber! Great job! And thanks for your kind encouragement on my event!!

  5. Thanks for the links, all help is appreciated and I’ll be looking over the sites and coming back to read comments and look for more advice and help.

  6. jeffkorhan says:

    @wchingya @MariSmith @blogworldexpo Very useful G+ tips and reminders. :)

  7. @JulianaP16 @Brianna5mith nice find ladies!