Digital Blacklists: Yes, They Do Exist

Digital Blacklists

If you’re creating content online, you’re part of the largest office in the world. You’ve got your virtual water cooler (Twitter), “office parties” if you go to events like NMX, and – yes – office drama. People talk. Are they talking about you? Are you part of the “office” drama? If so, you could find … [Read more]

Why “Blog When You Have Something to Say” is Bad Advice

Bad Blogging Advice

One of the most common questions I hear about blogging is this: How often should I blog? Do I need to write a certain number of posts per month or week or day? And commonly, the answer I see people giving is this: Blog when you have something to say. You don’t have to stick … [Read more]

Um… Er… Ah… 7 Speech Tips for Podcasters


So, um, you know, there’s something that tends to worry new podcasters and even sometimes fluster experienced talkers. It has to do with, you know, effective speech and uh, verbal crutches. There are, ah, um, a lot of ways that a podcaster… okay, I can’t keep this up. Even typing “um” is driving me crazy. If your voice isn’t silky smooth and free of verbal hiccups, maybe a few things I’ve learned will be helpful.

How to Instantly Make Your Content “Pinable”

How to Instantly Make Your Content Pinable

Want to instantly make every blog post you write pinable? Of course you do! According to PR Daily, Pinterest accounts for 3.6 percent of referral traffic, which makes it just about neck and neck with Twitter. So, the more your posts get pinned, the more traffic you’ll get to your site – and that’s a … [Read more]

14 Tips to Becoming a Better Writer

As the owner of a blog there are several issues bloggers have to deal with. One of the biggest challenges is learning how to write quality content. Below I will give you 14 tips to becoming a better blogger. 1. Write with a goal. Every time you sit down to write you need to have … [Read more]

Gawker has a Content Problem, Not a Comment Problem

Over the past month, the Gawker family of sites has introduced a brand new way to comment. Called Kinja (previously called Powwow and not to be confused with their 2004 commenting system also called Kinja), this commenting system highlights the comments where conversation is happening, rather than the most recent comments. It’s an interesting concept. … [Read more]

The Number One Mistake You’re Making if You Want Sponsors

Sponsors Mistake

You have awesome content. Your traffic is steadily increasing. You’re setting yourself apart from other bloggers and podcasters in your niche. And yet, still, no sponsors or advertisers are knocking on your door. Why? Why is no one interested when it seems like “lesser” content creators in your niche have more opportunities than they know … [Read more]

12 Rut-Busting Productivity Tips [Infographic]

12 rut busting tips

As content creators, I think we all sometimes struggle with productivity. It’s easy to fall into a rut and feel uninspired, perhaps even totally burned out. It happens to everyone, no matter how prolific you are online. In this inforgraphic by Noomii, you’ll learn some great steps you can take to get content production back … [Read more]

State of the Blogging World in 2012

Imagine how differently things would be if WordPress were never created. Before I started my blog five years ago at, everything I did was through basic HTML and if I ever wanted something complex done, I would have to contact a programmer or just didn’t end up pursuing it. Jump ahead a few years … [Read more]

An Invitation for Cathryn Sloane

We'd love to offer Cathryn Sloane a scholarship to attend New Media Expo and the Social Media Business Summit.

Dear Cathryn, Over the last weekend a lot has been said both for and against your position that social media managers should be under the age of 25. As you know, there was quite a bit of outrage from the over 25 year olds who felt you were off base. While most of us who … [Read more]