Is New Media Destroying the News? How the Obamacare Ruling Highlighted a Growing Problem in the Media

Is New Media Destroying The News

Yesterday, several politicians tweeted in celebration that Obamacare (new and controversial health care law in the United States, for those of you who are living in other countries and not paying attention to U.S. news) was repealed. The problem? It was actually upheld by the Supreme Court, not found unconstitutional and repealed. Mashable actually has … [Read more]

The Best Way to Get More Podcast Listeners – and How to Do It

The panelists for "Why Bloggers Should be Podcasters"

Want to see your podcast traffic grow exponentially? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? It can feel like an uphill battle sometimes, especially if you’re new. When I used to be part of a video game podcast with some friends, we were happy to have any listeners and we talked about growth by the person, … [Read more]

A Glimpse of the Future Internet [Infographic]

Earlier this week, I wrote about choosing an extension for your website, and .com remains the most popular option for a variety of reasons, other extensions (.net, .ly, .me, etc.) might also make sense depending on your specific needs. The Internet is about to get a lot more complicated, though. The new global program to … [Read more]

How Formulas Can Make You a Better Blogger


“Frameworks end up producing style…What does this mean? It means you get more readers. There’s a big difference between readers and traffic.” -Nate Riggs As bloggers, we often shy away from advice that tells us to be systematic or formulaic in our writing. If you’re anything like me, you have a knee-jerk reaction to such … [Read more]

Creating a Professional White Background for Your Videos

Ever wonder how companies like Apple get that nice, white background on their videos? It looks really professional, so I always assumed that you need an expensively built professional studio to get this look. Not so! Today, I wanted to share this great video from Rapid Video Blogging‘s Gideon Shalwick, who explains how to get … [Read more]

Top 7 Reasons to Speak at New Media Expo

Talk with anyone who’s spoken at one of our events and they’ll tell you the benefits of presenting at the world’s largest conference for bloggers, podcasters, Web TV producers, and social media innovators. But, in case you’re too busy to track them down, we’ve assembled the top seven reasons here for you. Remember, if you’d … [Read more]

Is a .com the Best Choice for Your Website?

dot me

Whether you’re a blogger, a podcaster, a web TV producer, or a business, you probably have your own website. Or, at the very least, are interested in getting your own domain name so you have have a website. For most people, tons of thought goes into choosing your domain name. One of the elements you … [Read more]

Readers are Speed Dating Your Blog: How To Land that Second Date

speed dating and your blog

I’ve never done speed dating, but I’ve seen it done often enough to understand how it works: you have two or three minutes to talk to another single before a bell rings and you both move on. You meet several people during the course of the event and write down the names of the people … [Read more]

28 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Guest Posts

gregory ciotti

Brilliant Bloggers is a bi-weekly series here at NMX where we look at the best posts from around the web all surrounding a specific topic. Every other week, we’ll feature three of the most brilliant bloggers out there, along with a huge list of more resources where you can learn about the topic. You can … [Read more]

Goodbye BlogWorld TV – Hello NMX TV!

Podcast Session

This is the post-apocalyptic episode where we talk about BlogWorld & New Media Expo – New York. This is also a goodbye to the BlogWorld name, and hello to the new name – New Media Expo. With that, I, your host Jeffrey Powers, say goodbye to BlogWorld TV, and hello to NMX TV – the … [Read more]