Daria Musk to Perform at BlogWorld

If you’re on Google+, and even if you aren’t, you know the name Daria Musk.  Daria is a musician, singer, songwriter and Google+ sensation. Less than a year ago, Daria wasn’t very well known, but now her story is famous. Tired of lugging her amps through the rain to play small gigs in Upstate New … [Read more]

Podcasting beyond borders


If you are a podcaster and American, I am sure you have never considered launching a podcast in a different language. Am I right? Why on earth would you do that? Why make a decision to bring yourself out of your comfort zone of speaking your mother tongue? Why would you speak a language in … [Read more]

BlogWorld TV: 5 Questions with Mark Lassoff, Interview with Shane Ketterman

mark Lassoff

In this week’s BlogWorld TV, I sit down with Mark Lassoff. He is the co-founder of LearntoProgram.tv - a website that helps people understand different programming languages. If you are looking to learn HTML, AJAX, CSS and HTML5, then check out his site. Mark talks about his reasons for going to BlogWorld & New Media Expo. … [Read more]

Digital Hatfields and McCoys: America’s Need for Better Judges

Every day, judges have to deal with cases involving technology they don’t understand. This is simply a fact of life. However, with the rise of cases involving the Internet, we absolutely need judges who better understand how this technology works. The average age of our Supreme Court justices in the United States is 66, and … [Read more]

Why No One Shares Your Blog Posts

Ever write a blog post, hit publish, and feel like all you hear are crickets? If your content isn’t remarkable, it’s not shareable. Social sharing is the new link-building. It’s a Panda world and we’re just blogging in it, so that means social authority matters more to Google than garbage content. People share content for … [Read more]

Why Small Businesses Need to Go Mobile [Video]

Did you know that an astounding percentage of mobile searches are people looking for local information? It makes sense, right – someone is out and about, has the urge to stop for food, and wants to find the hours and location of nearby restaurants. Or they’re at the mall, decide to see a movie and … [Read more]

Getting to ‘I Do:’ Increasing Engagement with Your Podcast Audience

Photo courtesy: Firemedic on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/50841708@N00/)

One challenge every blogger faces is increasing engagement with their readers. Some opt out of the issue altogether by closing comments on blog posts; others do all they can to get readers to tweet, “+1,” or Facebook “like” their content. But what about when your content is shared in a less tangible format – say, … [Read more]

How to Set Off Fireworks with your Content: 10 Tips for Writing Explosive Blog Posts

Writing Blog Content

Here in the United States, today is the Memorial Day holiday, and as with most summer holidays in this country, it’s an excuse to set off some fireworks. Fireworks are special. No matter how many shows you go to every summer, that first pop and burst of color leaves you ooo-ing and ahhh-ing. Want to … [Read more]

The Many Different Ways to Brand Your Social Networking Pages

When it comes to social networks, everyone has their favorites. MySpace was a huge hit back in the day simply because it was one of the first social networks, but mainly because of the many different ways you could customize your profile pages and make them look however you like. Facebook came along and quickly … [Read more]

Evan White of Viddy Interview – Future of Publishing

Why can’t I just upload the video I just shot to Facebook, like I can with my pictures? How come Android makes me upload them to Google+? Well, now you can upload them to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media by using Viddy, an app that lets people do just that and also make minor … [Read more]