Getting Through the Gate: How to Connect with Popular People in Your Niche


Everyone has a wall built around their personal life. Some people have very low walls, the type you can step over easily, while others build nearly impenetrable fortresses with gatekeepers stationed at every entrance. Reaching these people is difficult to say the least. That doesn’t bode well for you if you’re trying to score an … [Read more]

22 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Facebook Likes

kirsten wright

Brilliant Bloggers is a bi-weekly series here at BlogWorld where we look at the best posts from around the web all surrounding a specific topic. Every week, we’ll feature three of the most brilliant bloggers out there, along with a huge list of more resources where you can learn about the topic. You can see … [Read more]

004 The Podcast Report – The Virtual Ticket And Session Previews With Evo Terra


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. I’m back with another episode of The Podcast Report. The Virtual Ticket I start off this episode with an interview with Johnny B Truant who tells us about the Virtual Ticket option for BlogWorld & New Media Expo. The Virtual Ticket is a … [Read more]

Scott Monty Interview – Ford’s Social Media Manager – BlogWorld 2011 Los Angeles

At last year’s Blog World, Future of Publishing host Murray Newlands interviewed Ford’s social media manager Scott Monty about social media marketing, outreach, and other topics. In this interview, Scott talk about Ford’s social media outreach efforts and how a big, “traditional” company can embrace new mediums of communication. What Scott says might surprise you: … [Read more]

New Media News Break: Moving to Vegas, Klout on the Go, TED-Ed, and more

newspaper bullying front page

Every week, we post a New Media News Break to help catch you up with what’s going on in the world of new media and get you through the work week. Here are this week’s top stories: BlogWorld Heads Back to Las Vegas! I might be a little biased, but I think one of the … [Read more]

What is BlogWorld?

BlogWorld L.A. 1

We receive questions about BlogWorld every day. This is a good thing because it means people are interested in our conference and our community. Besides, we jump at the opportunity any time we can have a comversation with current and potential community members. We recently posted our Frequently Asked Questions on both our conference website … [Read more]

How to Find Free Images for Your Blog with Flickr

I highly recommend you include at least one image with every blog post you write, in most cases. Using images has several advantages: Your content can be pinned more easily if you include an image. Derek Halpern taught me a great trick – psychologically, people are more likely to read shorter lines, so adding an … [Read more]

The #1 Way to Get Exclusive FREE Blog Content from Experts in Your Niche

Free Blog Content

Wouldn’t it be great if you checked your email one day to find a message from a leader in your niche? And I don’t mean their latest email newsletter – I mean an individual email with free blog content they wrote, exclusively for your blog? When I first started blogging, I had a hard time … [Read more]

How to monetize your blog’s images (part 2)

A week ago, BlogWorld showed you the first part of a two-part Future of Publishing episode about how to monetize images so that you can make money at home with your blog or affiliate marketing website. This week, I’m showing you part 2 of the episode. The producers felt that it should be split into … [Read more]

Track Your Pins and Drive More Pinterest Traffic with Pinerly: Interview with CEO Rick Kats

my first pin

Pinterest is one of the most addicting networks out there (I swear I don’t have it open in a second window as I’m writing this post…), but while it functions well for hobby pinners, it doesn’t give content creators many options for tracking Pinterest marketing efforts. Enter Pinerly. This Pinterest analytics and marketing site received … [Read more]