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001 The Podcast Report – What Is BlogWorld & Where Does Podcasting Fit In?


Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. Earlier this month, I accepted an offer to join the BlogWorld & New Media Expo team to help build an amazing Podcasting Track at the conference for the podcasting community.

I want to welcome you to the very first episode of The Podcast Report, a podcast devoted to the Podcasting Track of BlogWorld & New Media Expo. I thought the best way to promote the podcasting track for this conference would be through a podcast devoted to it. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Over the past several weeks, I have been on the phone, or Skype, with no less than 60 individual podcasters. I’ve heard many stories about the experiences people have had with the previous Podcasting Expo put on by the Bourquin Brothers. Many have also shared their thoughts on how things have gone since BlogWorld & New Media Expo purchased the rights of that conference.

In this inaugural episode of The Podcast Report, I interview Rick Calvert, CEO & Co-Founder of BlogWorld & New Media Expo. The purpose is to bring everyone up to speed on the history of the podcasting community and it’s industry conference. Below, I have listed some of the things that Rick and I discussed in this episode.

  • How did BlogWorld & New Media Expo get started?
  • History of the Bourquin Brothers Podcast Expo.
  • How and why BlogWorld purchased the Podcast Expo.
  • The rocky history of the Podcasting Track at BlogWorld & New Media Expo.
  • The debate over the term “Podcasting.”
  • The commitment to the Podcasting Community moving forward!
  • Major Announcement: Name Change Coming To BlogWorld!!!!

Future episodes of this podcast will help you get a feel for the type of sessions that are coming to #BWENY and I plan to produce an episode of The Podcast Report each week until the conference this June.

I hope that you enjoy this podcast, that you will subscribe to it, and that you will tell every podcaster you know about it. Please leave me any comments or feedback that you have in the comments section below! I hope to see you at the event!

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Founder of The Podcast Mastermind, the Generally Speaking Production Network, and full-time podcast producer, consultant and coach at PodcastAnswerMan.com, Cliff Ravenscraft has devoted over 10,000 hours to the world of podcasting. Since 2005, Cliff has produced nearly 3,000 episodes of his own shows and helped hundreds of individuals and organizations launch successful podcasts though his 1-on-1 consulting/coaching and online training courses. Check out Cliff's completely free tutorial at http://LearnHowToPodcast.com.


  • Ileane

    Congratulations on the new podcast @gspn and it’s awesome to hear that podcasting will be in the spotlight at Blog World! Thanks for all you do Cliff and Rick!

    • Cliff Ravenscraft

       @Ileane  Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed the first episode.  Thank you for pinning it to Pinterest!!! 

    • blogworld

       @Ileane  @gspn You are welcome and thank you Ileane 8)

  • Joey Kissimmee

    who better than Cliff to run this baby 😉 Awesome stuff and I’m looking forward to my first time over at Blog World. Thanks Cliff and everyone at Blog World.

  • Joey Kissimmee

    who better than Cliff to run this baby 😉 Awesome stuff and I’m looking forward to my first time over at Blog World. Thanks Cliff and everyone at Blog World.

  • Joey Kissimmee

    who better than Cliff to run this baby 😉 Awesome stuff and I’m looking forward to my first time over at Blog World. Thanks Cliff and everyone at Blog World.

    • Cliff Ravenscraft

       @joeyk Thank you so much!  I am so happy to hear that you’ll be coming to BlogWorld!  It’s going to be a blast!!!!

    • blogworld

       @Joey Kissimmee Joey you have no idea how excited I was the day @Cliff Ravenscraft said yes to this job!
      Please come and say hi and let me know what you think of the show.

  • thepodcastguy

    This is epic. Nicely done, Cliff – let me know if you want to riff on this in the next few weeks; I’d be delighted to offer a European perspective to rock this baby global!

  • Cliff Ravenscraft

    Hey everyone, I’ve added Podcast Feed Subscription Buttons to the bottom of the post above. 😉

  • TimBourquin

    Good show Cliff!  Just to clarify one point Rick said, the blog post I wrote after the last Podcast Expo wasn’t about being discontent with the podccasting community – it was my frustration with the tradeshow business itself.
    Rick’s comment makes it sound like I was discontented with podcasters. So I wanted to correct that.
    Here’s the blog post I wrote. It is all about the business itself back in 2008- not podcasting. 
    (Emile and I still have a membership podcast and keep in touch with many other podcasters. I never did quit the tradeshow business. I still consult on several shows I started and sold and I’m always thinking about new show ideas…)

    • Cliff Ravenscraft

       @TimBourquin Tim, I’m glad you enjoyed the show.  I appreciate the additional insight here.  I have sent the linked blog post the my Kindle to read this weekend.  I will find a way include this in the next episode so that the record will be straight, that you were not discontented with podcasters.  
      It is great to hear from you.  Would love to have you as a guest on Podcast Answer Man some time.

  • chenxin111

    Wow… Thanks.. I’m at the first time on your blog! And I like it! Thanks for sharing info. Keep up the good work.

  • ErinMFeldman

    @wordsdonewrite Well, I want to get into podcasting. I probably should take a look at the article. 🙂

    • wordsdonewrite

      @ErinMFeldman It’s not an article, it’s a PODCAST, silly! 😉

      • ErinMFeldman

        @wordsdonewrite Oops. I promise I’m usually not such a blonde.

        • wordsdonewrite

          @ErinMFeldman We all have platinum moments…

      • jasonkonopinski

        @wordsdonewrite @erinmfeldman ZIIIIIIIIIIIING.

        • wordsdonewrite

          @jasonkonopinski @erinmfeldman Hee hee.

        • ErinMFeldman

          @jasonkonopinski You’re supposed to be on my side. @wordsdonewrite

        • ErinMFeldman

          @jasonkonopinski The site looks like it has good information, though. 🙂

        • jasonkonopinski

          @ErinMFeldman <3

  • Real Estate Strategy Lab Podcast

    I just found your site. Thank you for this post! Cliff was a big inspiration in helping us get our podcast started. I am subscribing to your podcast as well. Thank you for everything you do!


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