10 Crazy Things Bloggers Do To Sabotage Themselves

Listen all of y'all, it's SABOTAGE!

The phrase, “I am my own worst enemy,” applies to bloggers more often than not. If you aren’t getting the traffic you want, most of the time you have no one to blame but yourself. Want to see more readers, more engagement, and more sales? Stop sabotaging yourself! You might not realize it, but a … [Read more]

001 The Podcast Report – What Is BlogWorld & Where Does Podcasting Fit In?


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. Earlier this month, I accepted an offer to join the BlogWorld & New Media Expo team to help build an amazing Podcasting Track at the conference for the podcasting community. I want to welcome you to the very first episode of The Podcast … [Read more]

New Media News Break: Pinterest Spammers, Teen Opera Stars, Hunger Game Racists, and More

charlotte and jonathan

It’s Wednesday afternoon, and I think we all need a little break to get through the work week. Here are some of the top new media news stories you may have missed this week: Daily Dot runs a Tell-All Interview with a Self-Proclaimed Pinterest Spammer Pinterest is quickly become a hot spot for content creators … [Read more]

How to monetize your blog’s images [video interview]

BlogWorld & New Media Expo has teamed up with Influence People to bring you an informative video series for content creators. CEO Murray Newlands and VigLink CEO Oliver Roup discuss how to monetize your blog’s images. In this episode, Newlands and Roup interview Rey Flemings and Chaas Edwards, two of the image monetization field’s brightest … [Read more]

How to Quickly Watermark Every Photo for Your Blog

video screen how to watermark pictures

One of the struggles for bloggers who like using their own photographs is that people aren’t afraid to steal them for use on their own blog. Watermarking your photos won’t stop everyone, of course, but it is a measure you can take to deter others as well as ensure that you’re still getting credit, even … [Read more]

Why Going Viral Might Not Matter Anymore

petite lap giraffe

People talk a lot about creating content that “goes viral.” There’s no one definition of what viral really means in terms of raw numbers, but typically something viral causes a huge traffic spike. For some blogs, that’s 10,000 hits. For others, it’s a million. Regardless of traffic goals, I think some companies and content creators … [Read more]

Effie Trinket’s Guide to Blogging

effie trinket

Are you caught up in The Hunger Games Craze just like I am? I remember picking up the first book on a whim back in 2008 before the hype started, and I stayed up all night reading it. Although I love the books, I am no less obsessed with the movies; I saw the movie … [Read more]

#BWEChat Returns Today With a New Day and Time


If you’re a regular to our weekly #BWEChat Twitter chats, you may have noticed we were missing for the past two weeks. That’s because most of the BlogWorld team was either traveling to or from, attending or recovering from SXSW. We’re back and better than ever with a new focus, and a new day and … [Read more]

Happy Birthday, Twitter! What Do You Love About This Network?


Today, Twitter officially turns six years old. It’s no longer the no kid on the block or the baby of social media. My favorite thing about Twitter is being able to talk to people from all over the world, getting new perspectives and interesting ideas. It’s like a chat room for the entire human race! … [Read more]