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BlogWorld Welcomes Shane Ketterman as Conference Director


BlogWorld's new Conference Director, Shane Ketterman

We’re so pleased to welcome a new member to the BlogWorld team.  Shane Ketterman will be taking over Conference Director duties, effective immediately. Shane, who helped to coordinate several conferences for Cisco, will be planning our educational content and helping to find the best speakers. As you know, we take our educational content seriously and we’re confident Shane will continue to make sure our attendees receive a valuable experience.

Wait. What? A new Conference Director? But what about Deb?

Don’t worry – I’m still with the BlogWorld team, but I’m moving over to head all community and social media efforts as the Director of Community.   I’ll also be behind the helm at all of our social networks and working on some fun campaigns and activities for our community. Oh and y’all aren’t rid of me yet because I’m going to be working very closely with Shane as well.

Please meet Shane Ketterman

We came upon Shane quite by accident. He set up a call with Rick and I to pitch an idea he had for a new track for BlogWorld NY. At the time, we knew we were going to need a new Conference Director but weren’t sure where to start looking. As soon as Shane mentioned his background with Cisco and how he used to coordinate some of the educational content there, Rick Skyped me to say, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Indeed I was and an impromptu interview ensued. After several phone calls, and interviews with other candidates, we confirmed our intitial hunch that Shane would be the best person for the job. We think you’ll agree.

My friend Shane is no stranger to BlogWorld as he’s attended our conference several years in a row and he’s also been a speaker. Even more important, Shane is passionate about our conference and our community, something so important to us. Feel free to follow Shane on Twitter @shaneketterman or drop him a line at Shane@blogworldexpo.com – but do be gentle, we want him to stick around for a while.

We know you’ll like Shane as much as we do. Won’t you join us in welcoming him to the BlogWorld team?






  • BeckyMcCray

    @debng relieved to hear you are still with BWE! I worried when I first saw that.

    • debng

      @beckymccray Thanks Becky – I ‘m not planning on leaving @blogworld any time soon.

      • BeckyMcCray

        @debng @blogworld and Shane is awesome! Great to see him join the team!

  • debng

    @griner Thanks, Dave!

  • shaneketterman

    @griner @debng @blogworld @TheJenATX Deb is 100% amazing and I can’t wait to work together 🙂

    • TheJenATX

      @shaneketterman @griner @debng @blogworld WITHOUT A SINGLE, SOLITARY DOUBT. I LOVE HER. YES, I’M SHOUTING.

      • shaneketterman

        @TheJenATX @griner @debng @blogworld I heard that shout all the way up here in Oregon Jen!!!

        • TheJenATX

          @shaneketterman @griner @debng @blogworld Excellent. May it ring in your ears all day. 🙂 Ha!

        • shaneketterman

          @TheJenATX only thing in my ears right now is “go eat a cheeseburger” and I am resisting like a good boy 🙂

        • TheJenATX

          @shaneketterman Oh man, I feel ya. You’ll be ok. 🙂 Eat an apple. Or some almonds. Or an avocado (good fats).

        • shaneketterman

          @TheJenATX I did….i just had some ever so delicious almonds…raw ones

        • TheJenATX

          @shaneketterman Yep. Good to have that stuff on hand. Boiled eggs are GREAT for quick eats too.

        • TheJenATX

          @shaneketterman Now I’m eating some. 🙂

  • HeatherSolos

    Congratulations, the BWE team is lucky to have you.

  • shaneketterman

    @PaceSmith @debng Thank you Pace…hey…can I see you in Austin at SXSW???PLEASE!!!!!!

    • PaceSmith

      @shaneketterman Of course!!

      • shaneketterman

        @PaceSmith OH YES!!!! You made my day 🙂 Should I bring socks for Kyeli?

        • PaceSmith

          @shaneketterman Kyeli will never say no to socks, but all you need to bring is your lovely self. (:

        • shaneketterman

          @PaceSmith awwww thanks but I might have a surprise for her anyway 🙂

  • BeckyMcCray

    Congratulations, Shane, and also to the BlogWorld team! I’ve met Shane online, and I’m thrilled to see him take this role with BWE.

  • JayBaer

    Welcome aboard. Delighted to have you!!

  • skooloflife


  • TMNinja

    Congrats, Shane!

    Looking forward to Blogworld! 🙂

  • shaneketterman

    @blenderhd yeah right..I am a launch sequence….one long one….

  • David Krug

    That’s great news for BWE!

  • shaneketterman

    @theresabaiocco @andreavahl @sociablesite Thank you so much!!!!!

    • theresabaiocco

      @shaneketterman How exciting! I’ve been wondering what you had cooking 😉 Way to go! You’ll be great!!

    • RichFarr

      @shaneketterman Congrats on the position. Let’s meet up at Jackson’s corner next week to celebrate.

      • shaneketterman

        @RichFarr ABSOLUTELY….are you still on the fast though?

        • RichFarr

          @shaneketterman We’ve phased out of it. We just need to eat healthy now.

  • shaneketterman

    @LisaBarone I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  • Jaime

    Welcome Shane! 🙂

  • Kristi Hines

    Congrats Shane! 🙂

  • Kristi Hines

    Congrats Shane! 🙂

  • CMSExpo

    Congratulations and welcome to the jungle. 😉

  • renewabelle

    @shaneketterman Congrats to you and the entire @blogworld team! 🙂

    • shaneketterman

      @renewabelle thanks and can’t wait to see ya!!!!

  • LynetteRadio

    Congrats Shane & welcome to one of the best conferences around! (So any hints on what the new suggested track?!)

  • LindaSherman

    Congratulations Shane! BlogWorld is a great conference with a community of delightful people. Of course there are business goals, but lots of stimulation and entertainment mixed in.

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