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12 New Media Days of Christmas 2011!


Last year, I did the 12 Days of Blogging to feature some of the most awesome posts across a number of categories, like writing and SEO. It was so much fun that I thought I’d do it again this year!

I’m changing things up a little, because as most of you know, BlogWorld isn’t just about blogging; it’s about all forms of content creation and new media!

So here are the posts from 2011:

12 Bloggers Monetizing
11 Emailers List Building
10 Google+ Users a-Sharing
9 Vloggers Recording
8 Links a-Baiting
7 Community Managers a-Managing
6 Publishers a-Publishing
5 Traffic Tips
4 New Media Case Studies
3 Must-Read New Media Interviews
2 Top New Media News Stories of 2011
And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

This list will be updated as posts are published! For now, why not take a look at last year’s list, which features hundreds of awesome bloggers from around the world:

12 Writers Writing
11 Tweeters Tweeting
10 Guests a-Posting
9 SEOers Optimizing
8 Affiliates Selling
7 Facebook Users Updating
6 Launchers Launching
5 Golden Rules
4 Podcasting Hosts
3 Ebook Tips
2 Ethics Debates
And a Partridge in a Pear Tree (FREE EBOOK)

Allison Boyer freelance writer and content marketing consultant. She also runs the food blog The PinterTest Kitchen with her mom and sister. You can follow her shenanigans on Twitter (@allison_boyer) or contact her at allisonmboyer@gmail.com.



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