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Allison Boyer freelance writer and content marketing consultant. She also runs the food blog The PinterTest Kitchen with her mom and sister. You can follow her shenanigans on Twitter (@allison_boyer) or contact her at allisonmboyer@gmail.com.


  • james.debono1

    Great article that just reinforces the point that you can have all the clever traffic and baiting tips you want however it all boils down to having compelling content!

    • allison_boyer

      @james.debono1 Yes, I’m never a big fan of techniques that “trick” the reader without actually being based on writing good content. I think Syed’s tips all go back to “you have to write awesome posts first.”

  • mikecole62

    Great photo of you Sayed helps your visitors. Baiting your facebook friends to send visitors to your site is an interesting idea I would like to hear more about. I presently use Digg Digg to distribute my content.


    Warmly Mike, The Automate

    Your Blog Post Guy-)


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