Must Use Self Serve Ad Networks


As an affiliate marketer, or even just a blogging, the end goal is to bring new traffic to your landing pages, sites and blogs. What is changing, is how you can advertise and bring in a new flow of traffic to your target points. No longer do you have to blindly create ad campaigns on … [Read more]

Introducing the New Drop-Down Google Menu

New Google Bar

Google has been on a six month journey updating their systems to a new look. From Search and News to Gmail, Maps and more, we’ve seen changes across the board. The team says their goal with these changes is “to create a beautifully simple and intuitive user experience across Google” and they announced yesterday another … [Read more]

10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Blog Posts and Online Content


We’re visual people, the human race. Whenever there’s an appealing image, our eyes gravitate toward it. We’re also a very busy and fragmented race. We skim blog posts, looking for the marrow of the post. Then we move on. If you’re the blogger, this isn’t necessarily good news. It’s up to you to keep a … [Read more]

Social Media and Negativity

sad clown

I’ve been having a rough week. Maybe it just seems rougher than normal since I spent much of last week with my family celebrating Thanksgiving. But in any case, today I felt the need to tweet the following message: Seriously, this week is suck on top of more suck. What gives, life? Immediately, a bunch … [Read more]

Facebook Game “WeTopia” Links Fun and Philanthropy


What if you could play a Facebook game for fun and do good at the same time? I know. It sounds too good to be true. Sojo Studios announced the preview launch of WeTopia, a community-building game where players can develop a better world for children on both Facebook and in real life. Ellen DeGeneres … [Read more] Announces WordAds for Making Money with Your Blog


Back in October, and Federated Media announced a partnership to help bloggers make money from advertising revenue on their blog. They’re ready to open up the doors and announced today their service called WordAds. It’s taken WordPress quite awhile to make something like this available and they say it’s because what they had seen … [Read more]

Rolodexes Haven’t Gone Out of Style – Especially for Bloggers


Growing up, I would help out in my dad’s office. One of my favorite tasks was updating his Rolodex. He’d arm me with a couple of glue sticks and give me all the business cards he’d collected since the last time I helped out. I’d sit and glue those cards to the funky shaped Rolodex … [Read more]

Bing Releases Their Top Searches for 2011


Search engine Bing released their Top Searches for 2011. Musicians, celebrities, saving money, high profile trials and the Royal wedding were all at the top of the list. Here are a few top searches for 2011: Most Searched for Person of the Year: Justin Bieber Most Searched News Story: The Casey Anthony Trial Most Searched … [Read more]

New Stats: 184 Million U.S. Internet Users Watched Online Video Content in October

comscore video stats for october 2011

comScore released new stats today revealing how many U.S. internet users watched online video content for October 2011. A total of 184 million users watched online videos, which averages about 21.1 hours per viewer. Online video watching reached an all-time high with 42.6 billion videos viewed. Google sites (mainly YouTube), Facebook and VEVO rounded out the … [Read more]

5 Most Popular Twitter Hashtags for the Week


Real-time photo search engine Skylines posted the five most popular Twitter hashtags for photos for the week ending November17th. They estimated around 24 million photos were posted on Twitter, with the most popular ones from singers like Justin Bieber and UK boyband One Direction. Mashable rounded up the 10 most popular re-tweeted pictures, which you can … [Read more]