Missouri Teachers Say Social Media Law Interferes with Education

Teachers, students and social media seem to be all the talk these days when it comes to education and policies that need to be put in place.

First, you have the teacher who called her class “lazy whiners” on her blog – which caused all kinds of problems for her and the school district. Then you have the teachers who see social media as a way to engage with and reach their students.

It seems like a hard topic for school boards to tackle.

In Missouri, a law was passed which made Facebook friendships with students and teachers (as well as other social networking sites) illegal. Teachers complained the bill interfered with education and was unconstitutional.

According to the Kansas City Star, Gov. Jay Nixon signed another bill on Friday that replaces the old law. This new bill gives all Missouri school districts until March 2012 to create their own social networking policies.

What are your thoughts on teachers, students and social media? Does it cross a line when educators and their students are “friends” on these sites or does it give teachers another way to reach out to their students?

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