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Google CEO Larry Page Says “People are Flocking into Google+”


Google released their third quarter financials for 2011 yesterday and not only came very close to the $10 billion earning mark for the quarter, but also announced Google+ has reached 40 million users.

Google CEO Larry Page said, “We had a great quarter. Revenue was up 33% year on year and our quarterly revenue was just short of $10 billion. Google+ is now open to everyone and we just passed the 40 million user mark. People are flocking into Google+ at an incredible rate and we are just getting started!”

This press release comes just days after some bad reports on Google+ surfaced, as I covered in Four Signs Google+ Might Not Be Doing So Well. From the accidental Google engineer rant where he was very negative about Google+, to traffic numbers dropping, it makes you think the new social networking site isn’t doing well.

But, when you look at the fact they have reached 40 million users in a very small amount of time, do the numbers speak for themselves?

In regards to Page’s “we are just getting started” comment, it makes you wonder what else Google+ is about to unveil. We all know they’re not done yet. They still haven’t opened up the site to brands and businesses. I can’t wait to see what happens when they do.

Julie Bonner covers breaking news in several different areas for the BlogWorld Blog. After blogging in a variety of topics, she found her calling in the world of toys and owns ToyXplosion, a site dedicated to all things toys. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter (@juliebonner).

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