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Google+ Launching a “Suggested User” List


Do you have more than 100,000 followers on Twitter? Yeah, me neither but for those of you who do, you could end up on the Google+ “Suggested user” list.

According to a tweet Google’s Bradley Horowitz put out today, Google+ is about to pilot a Twitter-like suggested user program. He tweeted, “We’re about to pilot a ‘suggested user’-like mechanism on Google+. If you’ve got more than 100k followers on Twitter, DM me – lets talk!”

The details on this are very slim and how they will decide on this “Suggested-User” list, other than the fact they are looking for Twitter users with 100k+ followers, is unknown.

It is interesting how they are seeking out those on Twitter for this list.

This story is still developing and we’ll let you know if any more information is released, or if Google makes a statement about this new feature.

Julie Bonner covers breaking news in several different areas for the BlogWorld Blog. After blogging in a variety of topics, she found her calling in the world of toys and owns ToyXplosion, a site dedicated to all things toys. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter (@juliebonner).

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