Three Secret Ways to Find Post Ideas for Your Blog

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Earlier this week, I posted 44 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Finding Post Ideas, where I featured hundreds of tips from bloggers across the Internet. Coming up with post ideas is one of my favorite things to do, so here’s the post I promise you – my own techniques for finding post ideas! There are some … [Read more]

Find Kid-Friendly Mobile Apps with Famigo


For those of us with kids, we all know our mobile devices aren’t just for adults anymore. In fact, your child might have taught you a thing or two about how to use the latest technology. There are a lot of fantastic kid-friendly apps out there, but finding them can be a little tricky sometimes. … [Read more]

Bye Bye Firefox, Hello Chrome? The Race for Second Place


According to new data released by StatCounter, Google’s Chrome Web browser could possibly become the second most popular, knocking Firefox down to third place. The data also shows this second place, behind Internet Explorer, could happen no later than December. Chrome’s popularity has been astonishing and growing rapidly since 2008. They just celebrated their 3rd … [Read more]

Will. I. Am. Hangs Out on Google’s Homepage

Google Will I Am

Talk about a way to get your message seen by millions! Black Eyed Peas band member Will.I. Am.’s Google+ profile is featured on the home page of Google. Google is promoting the Black Eyed Peas Google+ Hangout, which goes live today (September 30th) at 6 pm EST. You can hang out with the band before … [Read more]

Make Search Engines Work for a ‘Real’ You


Ever since the dawn of the Internet, online pioneers have been trying to move as many aspects of human physical life as possible to the digital world. It started with online directories, but it got really serious with the rapid expansion of search-engine technology, rise of the giants such as Yahoo and Google, and recent … [Read more]

The Difference Between Social Business & Social Brand

michael brito

Session: Social Business: From Organizational Chaos to Corporate Governance Speaker: Michael Brito Did you know that there is a difference between a “social business” and a “social brand”? According to Michael Brito, the SVP of Social Business at Edelman Digital, a business that uses social media channels to communicate with their customers has a social … [Read more]

Google Analytics Goes Real-Time, Adds Premium Accounts

google analytics real-time

Google Analytics made two big announcements today that might get those of you who love checking those stats numbers very, very excited. First announcement, Google Analytics is finally going real-time. Google Analytics Real-time offers a set of new reports showing you what’s happening on your site right now. Did you just send out a tweet … [Read more]

44 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Finding Post Ideas

Ask Dave Taylor

Brilliant Bloggers is a weekly series here at BlogWorld where we look at the best posts from around the web all surrounding a specific topic. Every week, we’ll feature three of the most brilliant bloggers out there, along with a huge list of more resources where you can learn about the topic. You can see … [Read more]

Nikon Upsets Their Social Media Fan Base

Nikon Facebook 01

All it takes is one little comment gone wrong to upset a whole slew of your social media fan base and that’s exactly what happened on Nikon’s Facebook page yesterday. Here’s what they posted. Most of their Facebook fans did not take this status update well. They took it as an insult and felt like … [Read more]

Read This Before You Click Facebook’s “Add to Timeline” Button

Facebook Add to Timeline App

I was just reading an article on Mashable about a Facebook feature I think every FB user needs to be aware of, before you seriously embarrass yourself or your mother. (My mom is on Facebook, isn’t yours?) The feature I am talking about was unveiled at the f8 conference. Whether you watched it or not, … [Read more]