26 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Twitter Chats

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This Week’s Topic: Twitter Chats

Twitter chats seem to be growing in popularity, with new chats popping up every week and regular chats growing in size. Here are BlogWorld, we run #BWEchat where we feature conference speaker, track leaders, and keynotes as well as lead discussions on conference-related topics. Personally, I love Twitter chats and try to participate in as many as I can. If you’re interested in taking part in a Twitter chat (or Twitter party, as they are sometimes called) or even running your own, check out the brilliant advice below!

Advice from Brilliant Bloggers:

What are Twitter Chats and Why Should You Care? by Angela Atkinson

This post by Angela is a great overview of Twitter chats. She writes about the benefits of attending, some of the disadvantages, and tips for participating. She also lists some great chats that you should consider checking out if you’re new to the idea of Twttier chats. After you’re done checking out the post, you can follow Angela on Twitter @angieatkinson.

4 Steps to Launching a Successful Twitter Chat by Steve Woodruff

If you’re considering running a Twitter chat of your own, this is certainly the post you need. Steve Woodruff co-hosts the wildly successful #LeadershipChat with Lisa Petrilli, and this post tells you exactly why their inaugural chat has over 180 participates. Check out the post, consider participating in his chat every Tuesday at 8 PM EST, and follow Steve on Twtter @swoodruff.

How to be a Twitter Chat Champion by Heidi Cohen

You don’t have to start your own Twitter chat to enjoy participating. Heidi’s post is great for people who are new to Twitter chats and maybe feeling a bit apprehensive about jumping into the conversation. If you’re itching to participate, check out Heidi’s post and then follow her on Twitter @heidicohen.

Even More Brilliant Advice:

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  1. Thanks for so many great sites singing the praises of Twitter chats. I have enjoyed the time spent with like-minded individuals.

    I recent blogged about the start of a chat for Instructional Coaches.



  2. I co-hosted a bi-lingual twitter chat for PBS in conjunction with their animated television series Curious George, and I was very impressed to see a brand foray into hosting a bilingual chat, haven’t seen much written about that and wonder if there are articles and resources out there to be referenced?

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  3. Angela Atkinson says:

    Thanks so much for the link love and the huge compliment, Alli! :)

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