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Enhance Your Blog Readers Video Viewing with EmbedPlus


One of the best ways to provide your blog readers with content they’ll love is with the use of videos. We all love videos, whether it’s because of the entertainment factor or our short attention spans. There’s now a new way to kick the video viewing experience up a notch.

EmbedPlus is a new service which gives you more control over the videos on your site and how your visitors view and interact with them. The service works on blogging platforms such as WordPress (with a plugin), Blogger and Tumblr. From what I can see, the process looks very simple and self-explanatory.

Some of the features include:

  • Sweet Spot Marking – Helps you catch the best parts of a video by revealing the scenes that are generating the most buzz by other viewers
  • Scene Skipping – Like DVD chapter buttons, click these to skip to marked times. Use the wizard to mark notable parts like game highlights, changing performers, and lecture sections
  • Real Time Reactions – Discussions about a video occur in many places. Optionally enable this button to show viewers the latest Internet reactions, right inside the player
  • Third Party Annotations – Add your own timed annotations to any video. Use it to display titles, captions, scene labels, and side comments during playback

As a blogger who uses a lot of video, this is definitely something I would like to look into. Can you think of any creative ways to use EmbedPlus?

Julie Bonner covers breaking news in several different areas for the BlogWorld Blog. After blogging in a variety of topics, she found her calling in the world of toys and owns ToyXplosion, a site dedicated to all things toys. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter (@juliebonner).

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