101 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Google+

Today, I have a special edition for Brilliant Bloggers for you all – on the subject that absolutely everybody that seems to writing about: Google+. Since this new social media platform is brand new, I didn’t single out anyone’s posts like I usually do, but instead groups them into topic areas. If you wrote a post about Google+ as well that I missed, believe me, it was definitely unintentional/ Please feel free to comment with a link to your post!

And yes, for the record, it took me 20+ hours to compile this list of resources. I lost count after realizing that I hadn’t showered or eaten all day Sunday as I was finishing. Thank you everyone who made my job a little easier by sending in links! If it’s your first visit here, you might want to follow me on Twitter @allison_boyer – I do link round-ups at least once a week and ask for submissions by topic on Twitter, so it’s a good way to make sure I don’t miss your post. And also so you can remind me to shower when you notice I’ve been on Twitter too many consecutive hours.

Guides and How-To Posts

Photos on Google+

Google+ Circles

Google+ versus Facebook and Twitter

Google+ and SEO

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ for Businesses

Other Google+ Opinions

Videos about Google+

Other Great Google+ Link Round-Ups

Again, if I missed your post, please leave a comment below with a link – the more bloggers who share, the better this resource list will be! And for the record, yes, I’ve since showered, much to the relief of my roommate and cat.

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  1. I talked with Bill Cammack and Lynette Young about Google+  on SteveGarfield.tv about Circles and the Women of G+.

    SteveGarfield.tv First Live Streamed Google+ Video Hangout (Part 1) 

    SteveGarfield.tv First Live Streamed Google+ Video Hangout (Part 2) 

  2. Thanks for mentioning my video Alli. Great job putting this all together! Awesome list for sure.

  3. Thanks for adding my site link. I must say it’s an awesome compilation with a whole lot of sources. I’d appreciate if you could add this post: http://webtrickz.com/why-the-built-in-photo-editor-on-google-rocks/ to Photos on Google+ section above.

    • Thanks, Mayur! For Brilliant Blogger posts like this one, I don’t go back to add more links (otherwise that’s all I’d have time to do all day), but I’m glad you shared your other Google+ post here so those interested can check it out! :)

      • That’s true. Actually, you asked to leave a comment with link and I thought you’d be adding it to your list. These are a lot of sources, no need for any addition. :)

  4. Noumaan Yaqoob says:

    I published a blog post just yesterday 8 Cool Features I would Like to See in Google Plus.

  5. Alli, thanks for including Small Business Shift in this list – it’s as comprehensive a roundup as I’ve seen!

  6. Great list. May I also submit mine:  ”Is Google+ the new Facebook?”http://jessicapwallin.com/is-google-plus-the-new-facebook/

  7. Thanks for including my post on Social Media Examiner!  It was my first day playing around with the system.  :)

  8. Scott Bradley says:

    Thank you so much for pulling my post into your list. I really appreciate it.

    My article: “How To Get More Followers On Google Plus” (@ScottBradleyOC:twitter 

  9. WOW.. Alli!

    This is just amazing, I am sure it took a lot of time and effort to pick all this great stuff! Well done.

  10. Abel Castro says:


    I recorded my thoughts about G+ in this Soundcloud recording: http://snd.sc/pUvkcR. Please add me onto the list. 

  11. Reint Jan says:
  12. Anonymous says:

    Alli, great job! Did you sleep any during this project. This was quite a project.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Alli: 

    What a GREAT summary of Google+ posts…wow!  

    If it of any use to you, I wrote one titled: Google Plus…It’s Early But Interesting 

    Again, thanks for all of your hard work…it shows! 

    Nancy :-)

  14. 9 posts on G+ and your career here: http://www.avidcareerist.com/tag/google/.

  15. Allison

    Excellent collection, here are the few important one’s you missed:

    Google Plus 101: How to Get Started Complete Guide

    Google Plus: Everything You Need to Know


    16 Reasons You Should Catch Google + Train Early.


    10 Frequently Asked Questions About Google Plus


    Thanks & Enjoy Google +

  16. What a brilliant article and i truly inspired from this article. thanks for sharing.

  17. Thanks for linking to my blog, ahaze.com, Alli! Always appreciate it :D

  18. I have posted a few articles about Google+.  I must have hit it early enough that for a while they were coming up pretty high in Google searches and I think a few you have listed even linked to mine – in case you missed it http://kercommunications.com/seo/google-roll-out-socialsearch-marketing-seo/

  19. WojciechT says:

    Hello, Your list is amazing! Big congratulations!
    If I may, I’d like to throw in a link to your blog, which often moving subjects Google+.
    What is important – the blog is in Polish because Poles will be very useful;)
    My blog is: http://wojtektylus.com/google-plus/

  20. ericzigus says:

    This list is great and I wish I had read it before I posted my own blog post @ http://zag.zig.us/2012/08/circles-lists-and-searches-methods-for.html – where I talk about how I use google+ Many of my ideas match what is here – great stuff

  21. Like the info presented here. From time to time I write about Google in http://www.beyondrealtime.com, a blog discussing the impact of science and technology on civilization. Google+ is definitely catching on without question. Keep up the good work.
    R. Moran

  22. Excellent collection, Well done.
    Google+ Is fast becoming my favorite Social networking site :)
    Here is some more Google+ Tipshttp://www.linkstoweb.in/2012/01/new-google-tricks-you-need-to-know.html
     Thanks & Enjoy Google +

  23. Hi Allison,

    THis is one of the most detailed list of Google+ :)

    Awesome ! I have got it saved with myself.