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Twitter Launches #TfN, Twitter for Newsrooms


Journalism has changed drastically. Both the way we receive our news and the way journalists find news and information to report on has evolved. The obvious reason for the change is social media.

As we told you last week, social media is quickly becoming the leading way to communicate during a national disaster. Both news agencies and the public have realized what an invaluable tool Twitter can be.

Twitter gets that.

That’s why they’ve launched #TfN or Twitter for Newsrooms. It’s a resource for journalists in order to find facts, verify facts, promote their work and more – all faster.

Twitter acknowledges that the world of journalism and the people in it are a diverse group. They acknowledge that they come from different backgrounds and began their careers in the different fields of media. But here’s what they hope #TfN will be for all journalists:

While this group is diverse, we think Twitter and #TfN can be a kind of common ground—and we know Twitter is a tool all journalists can use to find sources faster, tell stories better, and build a bigger audience for their work.

Do you think most journalists will embrace and use this guide to their benefit?


Julie Bonner covers breaking news in several different areas for the BlogWorld Blog. After blogging in a variety of topics, she found her calling in the world of toys and owns ToyXplosion, a site dedicated to all things toys. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter (@juliebonner).

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