Guest Posting 101: Penning the Perfect Post

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Yesterday, I talked a little bit about why you should guest post in Guest Posting 101: An Introduction, but today, I wanted to get into the real meat of this series, starting with some information about penning the perfect guest post. I’ve actually written hundreds of guest posts (on behalf of myself and on behalf … [Read more]

Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook is Launching “Something Awesome” Next Week


Are you ready for some Facebook awesomeness? CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters today at Facebook’s Seattle office, that the company is “launching something awesome” next week, according to a report by Reuters. Of course neither he nor a Facebook spokesperson would give many details. Zuckerberg did say that the project has been developed at the … [Read more]

Twitter Reaches 200 Million Tweets a Day


Twitter made an announcement today (June 30th) on its official blog that it has now reached 200 million tweets a day. It was just two and a half years ago that they reached 2 million tweets and a year ago they reached the 65 million mark. As you can see, this growth is nothing short … [Read more]

Overstock Joins Amazon in Pulling California Affiliate Programs

169849_tax has joined Amazon in the mass exodus to drop California affiliates and avoid charging sales tax to consumers in that state – all as a result of a new Internet state tax law. Who will be next? And what will happen to California bloggers, podcasters, and other sites who rely on this revenue as … [Read more]

Happy ‘Social Media Day’ & New World Records!


Today marks the second annual Social Media Day, started by Mashable last year (2010). Meetups and organizations are sponsoring get-togethers across the globe. Are you heading to any events? Coinciding with this day to celebrate the advent and growth of Social Media, Guinness World Records is announcing some of the latest social media world records! … [Read more]

Apple’s App Store Now Has Over 100,000 iPad-Exclusive Applications


The original iPad launched on April 23, 2010 and now, according to MacStories, the Apple App store has over 100,000 iPad-exclusive applications. That’s quite a milestone to reach! Apple and third party developers have set a record with this number. It took them only 453 days to reach 100,000+ apps, which none of their rivals … [Read more]

Curation: The Blogger’s Ally


… by What is content curation? Simply said, online content curation is the organizing, filtering, presenting and sharing of the most relevant digital content for a specific audience. Good content curation requires both technology and people working together. Only by adding “the human element” can you truly bring relevance and context to content. We often see … [Read more]

Did You Get Your Google+ Invite?

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Yesterday, Google opened their first wave of invites for Google+. Did you get yours? Yeah, me neither. It appears they gave a few invites to the press, who were able to invite a few others to come test it out. (Some even figured out how to invite 500+ people.) For those of you unfamiliar with … [Read more]

BlogWorld is Thrilled to Welcome Our New Blogger – Julie Bonner


BlogWorld is thrilled to announce that Julie Bonner has joined our team of internal bloggers – covering the latest in social media news and updates! I’ve known Julie for … well forever (at least in the world of blogging). At least 4 years now! We first met as bloggers for the entertainment channel at b5media. … [Read more]

15 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Offensive Content


Brilliant Bloggers is a weekly series here at BlogWorld where we look at the best posts from around the web all surrounding a specific topic. Every week, we’ll feature three of the most brilliant bloggers out there, along with a huge link of more resources where you can learn about the topic. You can see … [Read more]