32 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About BlogWorld New York 2011

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Today, I have a very special edition of Brilliant Bloggers for you – instead of our normally scheduled list of links, I wanted to collect links to posts from people who attended our inaugural New York event last week. Some of it is good. Some of it is not good. It all matters to us. … [Read more]

Email Marketing: The KISS Rule Applies


As Nathalie Lussier taught us at her BlogWorld New York 2011 session, the downside to new tech like Twitter and Foursquare and whatnot is that you lose sight of what works. Just because a technology is 50+ years old doesn’t mean you should abandon it if your readers respond well to it. So what is … [Read more]

Are We Hypocrites, Tasteless Smut Peddlers or Just Plain Dumb?

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download If you haven’t heard there was quite a reaction to our closing keynote at BlogWorld New York. From some very heartfelt honest posts with valid complaints from people like Marcus Sheridan and Jennifer Fong to the typical peanut gallery who like to use every social media controversy as … [Read more]

How to be a Funny Blogger…Even if You aren’t Funny

“Everyone is funny. Trust me.” Against my better judgment, I actually do trust Jordan Cooper. I was lucky enough to meet him at BlogWorld 2010 and was stoked to see him on the speaker list for our inaugural BlogWorld New York. His session on how to write funny blog post was one of the first … [Read more]

How to Market to the “Untouchables”

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One of the BlogWorld presentations I caught was Maggie Fox‘s “Marketing to the Untouchables.” Who are the so-called “untouchables”? They aren’t people who aren’t affected by marketing. They aren’t people who don’t get online. In fact, they are extremely affected by marketing and spend as much time as possible online. Maybe I shouldn’t say as … [Read more]

Make Better Videos, Part 2: Keep Your Objectivity… Kill Your Darlings!


Over the years as a working video professional, I have gotten a lot of sage advice from fellow filmmakers on how to make better videos: “Befriend the person in charge of craft services,” “never date the lead actress,” and my personal favorite, “don’t fall in love with a shot, scene, or line of dialogue unless … [Read more]

BlogWorld NY 2011 Keynote: Mega LBS or Mega BS

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Location has been hot on the minds of marketer and technologists. Some have even been so bold as to call the ability to know a person’s exact location the holy grail (not really – OK – maybe a piece of the grail). At BlogWorld NY 2011, Mike Schneider, Aaron Strout, Josh Karpf, Tom Aronson, and … [Read more]

#BWEcares at BlogWorld Expo

The Midwest has been absolutely devastated by tornadoes this week, and BlogWorld attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and friends have been affected. To help support these communities in the coming months as they recover, BlogWorld has teamed up with CauseVox to form #BWEcares. There are three ways you can show that you care too: 1. Donate – … [Read more]

#BWENY at #BEA11: Views from the Show Floor


Between the awesome sessions at BlogWorld today, I got a change to check out the Book Expo America show floor. #BEA11 was packed, with tons of author signings, advanced reader copy giveaways, publisher booths, writer sessions, and more. Check out the views from the show floor: If you’re at #BWENY this year, your BlogWorld pass … [Read more]

Building Your Content Bubble: Become a Resource

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One of the first presentations at BlogWorld New York 2011 was Dave Murray’s “Building Your Content Bubble.” There were a lot of valuable take-away tips from Dave’s session, but overall, I think one of the most important points was this: You need to become a resource. As you start blogging, it makes sense to focus … [Read more]