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Creating content is my primary focus for my blog. I take a photo every single day and post about it. I’ve done so for very close to Six Straight Years! It will be the start of year seven on April 9, 2011. With over 2150+ straight photos my relationship with this project could possibly start to get a little stale. So, like any relationship hitting a seven year itch I decided to spice things up is with some toys.

Over the past six years I’ve spent quite a bit of money on cameras, camera attachments, lenses and even a GPS photo tracking device. The thing is, I just don’t use these products that often. I buy them, use them once or twice and put them away on a shelf. For the month of March, before the start of year seven, I’m dusting off those toys and using them each day in my Photo-A-Day Project.

You can enhance your photos with some very inexpensive products. From DSLRs to Camera Phones there are after market products that you can get to do some very cool things. For instance, I picked up some cheap lens attachments for my camera phone. I picked up a fisheye lens and a combination macro/wide angle lens that mounts magnetically on my camera phone. Since I always have my camera phone on me I have many opportunities to take a variety of photos with that camera and just changing the aspect of the photo makes it more interesting. This change can give you some good content for your blog.

You can write a Comparison/Contrast post
Whenever you get a new toy for your camera doing a post where you talk about how that differs from using the standard camera can be interesting. Showing people the dramatic differences in each shot can spark your imagination to take better photos and those photos can inspire your readers to comment on them. I try to do this when I use a new lens. I take a photo with the standard lens as a control image. Then I switch lenses and take photos from that same position of the same subject.

Taken with the Motorola DROID, standard camera setting, standard lens

Taken with the Motorola DROID, standard camera setting, wide angle lens

Taken with the Motorola DROID, standard camera setting, macro lens

Taken with the Motorola DROID, standard camera setting, fisheye lens

You can write a Software Enhancement post
If that wasn’t enough you can download any number of software programs to turn your camera phone into another type of camera. I use a program called Retro Camera on my DROID and with that I can make my photos look like 5 different types of cameras. So if you take your after market lenses and software programs you can come up with an infinite number of photos of the same subject. And in essence you can come up with an infinite number of posts on those combinations.

Taken with the Motorola DROID, Retro Camera Software Program – The Barbl setting, standard lens

Taken with the Motorola DROID, Retro Camera Software Program – The Barbl setting, Fisheye

You can write a review post about your toys.
I’ve heard more than enough bloggers asking how they get compensated for doing reviews on their blogs. I say to them to take a look at the products they already own and make their own review of those products. Do a creative one where you explore every conceivable aspect of that product and then link it to amazon.com. Do a useful review and you could start earning some money from that review from the referral as an amazon associate. People are looking for answers on how things work before they buy so write up your review, answer questions, welcome comments and additional questions. When you get more questions incorporate them and the answers into your review. Continue to enhance those reviews so you become the source for people interested in those products.

So, when you are thinking about creating content the main point is to find some ways to change things up once in a while. With a $20 set of lenses I can immediately think about a yearlong project, a number of review posts and a way to add more enhancement to your blog. What other topics for content creation can you think of based on adding a little something extra to an existing project?

Andrew Bennett has been blogging for the past seven years. During that time he's taken over 2150+ photos on as many consecutive days and has attended every Blog World so far. When he's not on Twitter (@BenSpark) he can be found at BenSpark.comYou can contact him at benspark@benspark.com.

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