32 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Klout

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This Week’s Topic: Klout

In case you missed it, this past weekend I posted “Klout 101: What the Heck Is It and Why Should I Care?” all about the social media influence measurer Klout. I was curious about this tool myself, since I didn’t know much about it beyond “Oh, look at my score. That’s nice.” I’m no expert, that’s for sure, but doing some research for that post and reading all of the entries and posts I found on the topic has really made me want to start using the site more often! On the other hand, there is also a downside to using Klout, so it is definitely important to think about this tool with a critical eye. If you want to learn more about Klout, the following brilliant posts are an awesome place to start!

Advice from Brilliant Bloggers:

Digital Influence Recalibrated, Part 1: Understanding Klout’s Measurement Spectrum by Olivier Blanchard

This is just the first of a series of posts on The Brand Builder blog about social media influence. It’s a really thoughtful series that I highly recommend – it explains what Klout is, why is is important, and some of the problems with Klout’s system. You can follow Olivier on Twitter @thebrandbuilder.

Klout for Business: A Sometimes Useful Metric – But an Incomplete View of Customers by Jeremiah Owyang

I highly recommend this post for two reasons: It is a great discussion of the limitations of Klout and it includes a comment from Klout’s CEO Joe Fernandez addressing a number of the points Jeremiah made in his post. Check it out and follow him on Twitter @jowyang.

The Klout Myth and Living Above The Influence by Dan Perez

This post is unlike most of the others you’re read on the topic. While Klout can certainly be an important tool to use, the lessons we learn about digital influence from Klout can – and should – be applied to the more important things in life. Head to Dan’s blog to read the full post and follow him on Twitter @danperezfilms.

BONUS POST: 16 Strategies to Win Over Online Influences Using Klout by Scott Hepburn

Usually I only pick three brilliant bloggers to highlight, but I just couldn’t stop myself from going for a frouth this week. This post by Scott at Media Emerging is AWESOME because it explains how you can use Klout to totally rethink the way you blog. LOVE IT. Follow Scott on Twitter @scotthepburn.

Even More Brilliant Advice:

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  1. Learn from the Top and reach the top. :D

  2. Alli, thank you for including YouTern’s blog in this comprehensive list. Great resource, and fun to read the different voices on the subject of Klout.

  3. Thanks for the mention, Alli. I agree with Jeremiah’s assessment: Useful for businesses, but an incomplete picture. Olivier did a nice job explaining the other insights Klout reveals beyond the simple Klout score.

  4. Some more awesome links that have since been emailed and tweeted to me:

    New Metrics Are No Excuse to Continue a Pattern of Lazy Analytics: An Example Using Klout: http://ow.ly/42CgF (by @brightmatrix)

    Kloutgate: The Battle Between Mean Girls and Influencers: http://bit.ly/fwMWGo (by @wordsdonewrite with a hat tip to @ericamallison for the link)

    The New Currency: Ideas or Influence? http://bit.ly/bEuInD and Klout: Do You Have Enough Influence to Get the Job? http://bit.ly/9Fnobv (by @michelletripp)

    If anyone else out there has one, feel free to post it as a comment! The more links we have, the better!

    • Thank you, Erica, for the shoutout on my “Kloutgate: The Battle Between Mean Girls and Influencers” blog post! I truly appreciate your support!

      Alli, nice to meet you!

  5. How I missed out as being a brilliant blogger is mind boggling. Joe Fernandez called this post about Klout ‘great.’ http://jimmitchem.posterous.com/how-a-little-klout-goes-a-long-way Clearly, I wrote this post about Klout WAY too early for it to be popular (6 December)

  6. Okay – I’m not one usually to toot my horn but Joe Fernandez too came out and said this was an “awesome post” : http://offthegrid-pr.com/socially-responsible-pr/2011/1/20/klout-critics-time-to-close-the-door-or-kick-it-wide-open.html .

    Note I also keep a running list of blogs on klout out on http://bit.ly/fJOtbO but you’ve really got many of the great ones in here.

  7. Thanks for including my blog post about Klout on the list. Can’t wait for Blog World West…speaker proposal to be sent soon!

  8. Lewis Poretz says:

    The measurement of influence and @Klout have been a hot topic these days on the twitter streams. – Yes -> You have an outstanding collection of bloggers you feature. Very nice!

  9. Hi Alli -thanks very much for the mention, Klout seems to be a subject that appears every couple of months and always stirs up opinion – personally I feel that it’s developing tool but it never pays to try and over simplify these things, eventually it will certainly be valuable as a benchmark system but there’s a lot of semantic development to go before we get there,

    Thanks again – very pleased to be in with such illustrious company!


  10. Great list!
    I wrote this post called “The One Thing Klout Is Not” which parked Olivier’s post:
    It was part of #usguys’s #usblog theme blogging this weekend, many of which are in your list. Here’s the wrap-up:
    Cheers :-)

  11. Now that Google Search Results show who shared what articles on social media sources, there is no doubt that at some point Klout will become a factor on whether your profile is listed as one who shares articles online. Having your profile show up in a Google search next to a search result can be a huge benefit for recognition and awareness and having a high Klout can give you an “air” of authority (though sometimes even when you don’t really have one).

  12. Hi Alli – My thoughts on klout (and peer index) from an earlier post this year: http://timsstrategy.com/how-to-measure-your-online-influence/

    Had read Neal Schaffer’s post (he’s great) but many others here I hadn’t seen. Thanks!

  13. Hey – Thanks for including me in the list – really appreciate that. I’ll also check out the many links being pointed to in the comments section! Wow!

  14. I wrote an article entitled “Do you know and understand your klout” – http://wrightcreativity.com/2010/10/do-you-know-and-understand-your-klout/ which raised a lot of great discussion points through the comments!

    • Thanks for the link, Kirsten! I love it when people chime in with great comments to add to the discussion.

  15. Thanks for including Curt Finch’s article on Klout from Inc.com. Curt brilliantly blogs about many interesting topics over at Inc, so keep watching! http://www.inc.com/author/curt-finch

  16. If Influence score is like FICO score for your online social influence. You need multiple Influence scores from different measuring platforms to measure your own success online just like the credit monitoring industry. Klout is one score, you might like to find out your SocialIQ score at http://SocialIQ.co/, which has a totally different approach compared to Klout. It can be done!

  17. Anonymous says:

    if you wanna stay up to date on Klout happenings, follow my blog http://whattheklout.virb.com/