How to Be a Fly on the Wall: Three Ways to Find Out What Your Readers Really Think

Given the name of this post, I wanted to have a picture of a fly. But ew, close up pictures of flies are nasty. Butterfly instead!

I think it is part of the human experience to wonder what other people think about us. For bloggers, keeping a finger on the pulse of  your readers is important if you’re trying to make money or increase your readership. If you get few comments, however, it is hard to know what people really think … [Read more]

New Community Website Aims at ‘Exploring Social Media’


Jason Falls officially announced the launch of Exploring Social Media today, a community website to serve the needs of the mainstream person or business that wants to know digital marketing, online communications, and social media better. Their content is for all levels – including an entry-level How To Set Up Your Twitter Account and an … [Read more]

Are You a Brilliant Blogger?


I’m happy to announce an exciting new feature here at the BlogWorld blog, and I hope that you all will get involved! In December, we presented the 12 Days of Blogging, a daily round-up of link love for some of the best bloggers from around the world. Each day, there as a different topic covered, … [Read more]

The Bravery Behind Blogging


This past Friday, I was moved to write about the happenings in Egypt and the ways in which social media brings situations like this to a larger stage in a post that I called Social Media’s Role in the Egyptian Protests. Someone left a comment that has been stuck in my mind for two days … [Read more]

Who Would You Like to Hear Speak at BlogWorld ’11?

Blogworld 11

As we get ready to announce dates for BlogWorld ’11, we’re also working on opening for speaker proposals and reaching out the speakers who we would most like to see this year. But it’s not always about us choosing speakers, we also love to receive recommendations from our attendees. Yesterday I asked on Twitter who … [Read more]

30 Days to a Better Blog


Welcome to the 30 Days to a Better Blog series. This originally started as a New Years Resolution, with 30 days to whip your blog into better shape. Now it’s reorganized to give you better structure and you can implement it whenever, and however, you’d like. Tools, Tricks & Technology: Make your blog better simply … [Read more]

Why Your Blog About Blogging Sucks

Your blog about blogging bores me to tears.

I’m not sure there will ever be a way to measure this, but of all the blogs in the world, I wonder how many of them are about blogging and social media. It seems like everyone is blogging about blogging, in part because some of the people making the most money in this industry blog … [Read more]

30 Days to a Better Blog: Be Flexible


30 Days to a Better Blog: Be Flexible I’m a pretty rigid person. I can easily get set in my ways and start to think my way is the best way. And when someone questions me, I tend to go on the defensive. But I’m learning. I’m learning that critiques and questions and differences of … [Read more]

Social Media’s Role in the Egyptian Protests


Sometimes, I have to turn off the news. Reporters around the world are talking about how social media played a role in initially organizing the Egyptian protests. Twitter and Facebook certainly gave people a voice, allowed the public to organically organize without a clear leader or any kind of secondary agenda. There are Muslim groups … [Read more]

The Scary Trend of Becoming a Follower


There are certain bloggers who are “household names” of sorts. At least, among other bloggers. You know them. They’re the most well-respected bloggers out there in terms of giving blogging and new media advice, and they have hundreds of thousands of followers. Every post they write gets dozens of comments and even more tweets and … [Read more]