The Power of Community in Your Podcast


Christmas is a time for giving, and that’s true for your online communities as well as family and friends in real life. Just before the holidays started I was reminded of the connection that a show can have between the listeners and the producers. This time, I was the listener, and looking forward to the … [Read more]

Facebook, YouTube and Google Grab Number One Spots on Nielsen’s “Tops of 2011″ List

facebook like button

Nielsen unveiled their Tops of 2011 list this week and when it comes to their Tops of 2011: Digital list, nothing is really surprising about it. Google is the top web brand, Facebook the top social network and YouTube is where the masses go to watch videos. Actually, I am a little surprised at the … [Read more]

Texas Teen Ben Breedlove Uses the Power of Words and Video to Touch Thousands

Ben Breedlove

There are most likely hundreds of blog posts on tips and tricks to making a video go viral. You ask yourself what your audience wants to see or if you should upgrade to a better camera. Or maybe if you just had that high priced video editing software, your videos would be shared with thousands. … [Read more]

Should We Forgive GoDaddy?


SOPA has sure made a mess of things, hasn’t it? No company knows that better than GoDaddy. When the list of SOPA supporters came out, Internet users everywhere cried to users to boycott GoDaddy, moving hosting and domain name registration to other companies. A lot of people did. Last Friday, when this story was getting … [Read more]

The 12 New Media Days of Christmas 2011: 5 Traffic Tips

amy porterfield

During the 12 New Media Days of Christmas, we’re counting down the days until 2012 comes by featuring some of the best blog posts of 2011 from awesome writers within the BlogWorld community! Skip to the end to read more posts in this holiday series and don’t forget to leave a comment if you’ve written … [Read more]

FTC Decides to Close Its Investigation on Hyundai and Their Blogger Outreach Campaign


During Super Bowl XLV, Hyundai hired a PR firm to handle a blogger outreach campaign to build buzz around their Super Bowl commercial. The bloggers were asked to write about the commercial, featuring the Hyundai Elantra, and were given a gift certificate in exchange. But there was a problem with the campaign. There was no … [Read more]

What Louis C.K Can Teach Us About Selling Digital Content

louis ck

Louis C.K. has always published his comedy specials in a traditional way. He’s been quite successful, and I’m sure that there was no shortage of production companies wanting the rights to his latest special. Yet he chose another route – self-publishing on a website of his own. He shelled out a ton of money to … [Read more]

Up to 70 Percent of Toy Companies’ Samples Go to Bloggers

LeapFrog's LeapPad sent to mom bloggers to create buzz

The Holiday toy shopping season has come and gone and toy companies are now analyzing their sales and marketing efforts. “What worked and what didn’t?” they ask. How toy companies get the word out about their products has changed drastically over the years. The Associated Press recently published a story on how mommy bloggers can … [Read more]

Corporate Supporters Back Away from SOPA


After the official list of SOPA supporters was published and a post on Reddit about GoDaddy supporting SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) created a PR nightmare for the company, it looks like the list of corporate supporters is getting shorter. For those of you not familiar with the SOPA and GoDaddy debacle, here’s the short … [Read more]

In Which the BlogWorld Team Wishes You Happy Holidays

Rick Calvert Xmas

At BlogWorld, we recognize our most valuable asset is our community; the people who we spend time with both online and off. You’ve all been so amazingly supportive of us throughout the years and we want you to know how much your support means to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to … [Read more]