Cartoon: Swag!

(attendee with bags full of conference swag) This must be what they mean by the Internet of Things. I have a suitcase full of yo-yos, inflatable airplanes, T-shirts, USB drives and much more to take home with me tomorrow. What was your favourite piece of conference swag?

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  1. Aaron Hockley says:

    My kids are going to love the blow-up planes…

  2. Hey Rob, sorry I missed you at BlogWorld. I was only there for Thursday and Friday, but I did keep my eye out for you—wanted to show you my biz card with the finger activated URL.

  3. Rob Cottingham says:

    I’m sorry too, Stan! We’ll just have to design something cooler for 2011. :)

    And Aaron, my kids went nuts for them. Thanks, Southwest!

  4. You gotta deal, Rob.