Blogging and the Candy Corn Problem

candy corn

Like most kids, I always got super excited for Halloween. By far, my favorite treat was candy corn. I’d start getting excited for candy corn as soon as summer started fading away. After all, you can get candy bars and lollipops any time of the year, but you can only get candy corn during October … [Read more]

Follow the BlogWorld Team on Twitter

tweety bird

Ever since returning from BlogWorld, I’ve been bombarded with questions. Interestingly enough, the question asked most is, “How do I follow everyone on the BlogWorld team on Twitter?”  I’ve been asked if there’s a Twitter list or directory with everyone’s names. There isn’t. Yet. But I’ll share our Twitter handles with you today, if you … [Read more]

Are You Actively Trying to Make Your Blog Suck Less?

scott hanselman

At BlogWorld 2010, Scott Hanselman spoke about 32 Ways to Make Your Blog Suck Less. It was a presentation I had missed at the actual event – so thank god for my virtual pass, because this was one of the most entertaining sessions I’ve seen thus far. No smoke blowin’ – I actually laughed out … [Read more]

BlogWorld’s Over, Now What?

Blogworld Mandalay Bay

BlogWorld 2010 was probably the most rewarding experience of my career. Being a part of this extraordinary team and helping to pull off such an important event is a rush I can’t even begin to describe. In the last few weeks before the event it was a little stressful as we did our best to … [Read more]

Your Content is Not Your Reader’s Responsibility

NCG image

Earlier this week, Boing Boing picked up a story about The North Country Gazette, a little newspaper from upstate New York. The paper, I suppose upset that local subscription sales were declining, decided to take a really classy approach to making more money: threatening website readers. Right now, the website is asking for an administrator’s … [Read more]

When to Accept Guest Posts…and When Not To


The guest post has become a major part of the world of contemporary blogs, which are rarely written by a single person (and almost never written by a single person if the blog has commercial aspirations). Since blogs can so easily be accused of nearsightedness – featuring only a single writer or a single viewpoint, … [Read more]

Get an ‘I Voted’ Badge on Foursquare for Voting!

foursquare voting

Heading to the voting booths on November 2nd? Don’t forget to check in on Foursquare as part of the I Voted Project for your I Voted badge! A variety of organizations partnered up for this project – including Foursquare, Rock the Vote, Pew Center, Google and the Voting Information Project. Data will be collected for … [Read more]

Paypal Reveals Micropayment Option to Allow Purchase of Digital Goods


Paypal has unveiled their new product, ‘PayPal for digital goods,’ which will allow for micropayments of digital goods across the web at a much reduced rate to merchants. The new fee schedule is 5% + 5 cents for payments under $12 (so $.10 on a $1 purchase, compared to the current $.33). Perhaps of even … [Read more]

The Step Between Friends and Customers


When it comes to social media, we have friends whom we know personally and we have customers who we can always count on to buy our products. But how does that jump from friends to customers happen? Declan Dunn presented “How To Turn Friends Into Fans And Customers” at BlogWorld 2010, and he made some … [Read more]

4 Tips To Better Follow Up After a Conference


When you go to a conference, often times it’s to learn and other times, well, all the time whether you see or not, it’s to network as well. Big events such as BlogWorld are an incredible place to network and establish some solid connections. Problem being, that’s usually where it stops and opportunity is flushed … [Read more]