Take Out your Blogging Trash


Earlier today, BlogWorld asked on Facebook: Do you blog on the weekends? If so, does it significantly raise your traffic? So far, most of the answers have indicated that no, many of you do not blog on weekends, either because you think that those posts won’t get as much traffic or because you need a … [Read more]

Paying for BlogWorld, part 2

Brain dump =/= dumpster. These tips are not garbage!

Earlier today, I posted some ways yous can bring in a little extra cash to go toward paying for your BlogWorld ticket. I know some people are still frustrated, though. So, I’m going to do a brain dump right here, right now. Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot of money. We weren’t living … [Read more]

Paying for BlogWorld, part 1


I follow the hashtag #BWE10 on Twitter to keep my finger on the pulse of what people are saying about BlogWorld. Sadly, it seems like a number of people are making the decision not to come because they don’t have the money for it. I understand that completely. I’m not someone with deep pockets, and … [Read more]

Blogging from an Event: More on Planning, Prioritizing, and Preparing

One of the interview spaces at Game X, a conference I attended in Philly.

Earlier today, Nikki wrote a really great post about planning, prioritizing, and preparing when you head off to BlogWorld or any other type of event. Insert my geek jealousy that she went to Comic Con here. Anyway, I wanted to build on her ideas a little in regards to actually blogging live from a conference. … [Read more]

Plan, Prioritize, and Prepare For Anything: My Conference Tips!

conference tips

I just finished attending Comic Con this past weekend (my third year in a row) and am headed off to an SCBWI Writer’s Conference today (my second year in a row, fourth time attending a writer’s conference). Although BlogWorld & New Media Expo fits somewhere in between these as far as scope and amount of … [Read more]

Get to Know Other BlogWorld Attendees

This is me. Yes, I took a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror. Find me at BlogWorld! Don't be afraid to just yell my name if you see me walk past.

Thousands of people will be attending BlogWorld this year. As a new attendee, I have to be honest; that makes me a little nervous. I don’t actually know anyone else who is going, and I’m terrified that it will be junior high all over again. I don’t want to end up eating lunch alone or … [Read more]

BlogWorld Flickr Photo of the Week: Chris Brogan and Charnell Lucich

We’re starting a new feature – BlogWorld Flickr Photo of the Week! If you have a photo and story you’d like to share, please email me with a link to the photo and your story. Don’t forget to join our BlogWorld Flickr Group too! This week’s photo is from Kevin Blalock: Social media was a … [Read more]

Attend the "How to Sell Your Blog” Panel, Even if You don't Want to Sell


Earlier today, Deb announced the that there would be a “How to Sell Your Blog” panel at BlogWorld. It’s a topic that doesn’t really blow my skirt for one main reason: I don’t actually want to sell my blog. I like writing posts for my blog. I like having control over the blog’s direction. I … [Read more]

Knowledge & Passion vs. Experience & Expertise in MedBlogging


The most common advice handed out when it comes to blogging is, “Blog about something you know and are passionate about.”  That’s great advice, as your passion will continue to provide you with a wide range of topics to write about, while your knowledge in the field will give your posts the authority that readers … [Read more]

"How to Sell Your Blog for Lots of Money" Panel Announced

On my first day on the job for BlogWorld, Rick Calvert sent me a copy of a blank schedule and told me to create my dream conference. He suggested I write in the sessions I would most like to see as an attendee. At the time, there were several topics that I wanted to see … [Read more]