How to Make the Most of the BlogWorld Monetization Super Panel


Yesterday, Deb Ng announced the line up for the BlogWorld Monetization Super Panel. This year, you’ll spend over two hours with Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker, John Chow, Anita Campbell and Darren Rowse, learning their best money-making secrets and hearing them answer your questions. Of course, there will be countless other amazing panels at BlogWorld, but this … [Read more]

Cartoon: Blogging for Dummies


Rob Cottingham is a cofounder of social media strategy firm Social Signal, a blogger since 2001, and the pen behind Noise to Signal for the past three years. Find him on Twitter at @robcottingham.

Introducing the BlogWorld 2010 Monetization Super Panel

Blogworld super panel

For weeks, you’ve clamored for a tidbit or taste..something, anything,  to entice you into buying a ticket for BlogWorld. I’m happy to reward your patience today as we kick off panel introductions with one of our most popular events: The Monetization Super Panel. Each year, BlogWorld features a “Make Money Online” Dream Team to bring … [Read more]

Zombie Blog: How to Revive a Dead Blog


Most bloggers have allowed a blog to die at one point or another. Maybe you weren’t experienced enough to understand blogging like you do today, so you had no traffic or weren’t making money. Maybe the idea was a dude. Maybe you got wrapped up in other projects and just didn’t have time anymore. Regardless … [Read more]

Freedom For The Thought We Hate

In 1978, a Jewish lawyer named David Goldberger defended the rights of American Nazis to march through the streets of Skokie, Ill.  Skokie was and is home to thousands of Holocaust survivors. A Jew defending Nazis?  Why?  Not only did he and the ACLU defend the Nazis, he won.  The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals … [Read more]

Monetization Monday: Setting Advertisement Rates For Your Blog

dollar sign

When you have an established audience on your blog, you’re sure to want to dabble in selling advertising space to help with monetization … but how much should you charge? Setting advertisement rates for your blog is not an easy formula. There’s no set price, although there are definitely factors that will impact how much … [Read more]

How to Turn Your Blog Into a Lead Generation Machine


To generate online leads, you need a steady stream of new, qualified prospects to your web site. These days, that means strong search engine visibility coupled with an active presence in social media. And there’s no better tool to help you in both categories than your business blog. But like any tool, it doesn’t work … [Read more]

Conferences: It's All About the Shoes


This is a post that’s probably more relevant to all my female readers out there, so my apologies in advance to the men in my audience. This is a post I just really felt I needed to write. Because sometimes, I don’t know what is wrong with me. Seriously. Like to the point where I … [Read more]

14 Reasons People are Ignoring Your Tweets (part 2)

Earlier today, I gave you the first seven reasons people are ignoring your tweets. The title promises 14 tips though, so here’s the other half of the list. This half is just as important as the first half, so make sure you read both posts! You tweet too much. There’s nothing wrong with tweeting often. … [Read more]

14 Reasons People are Ignoring Your Tweets (part 1)


It’s hard to succeed in blogging without using social network. You can blog your heart out, but without social networking and active promotion of your blog, the best blog writing tips in the world won’t help you take your site to a professional, higher level. Have you ever tweeted a link to a really original, … [Read more]