Do You NaBloPoMo?


Are you a member of NaBloPoMo? It stands for National Blog Posting Month and is a group of people (now over 16,000 strong) who have committed to update their blogs once a day for an entire month. Each month has its own topic, giving you an editorial calendar to work off if you’re stumped for … [Read more]

Tips For Getting Your Blog Listed in Google News!

Want more readers? Doesn’t everyone! One solution that can pay off immensely is getting your blog listed in Google News. Google news is constantly updated with latest stories that have a news hook. If you get your blog listed, it will provide you with good exposure and coverage, and will also boost targeted traffic to … [Read more]

Blogs & Social Media Sites Land in Top 1000 Sites List

Google came out with their Top 1000 Sites list this week, and I have to admit that I’m not surprised Facebook landed at #1! There were some other blogging and social networking sites that made it into the top 20 – including WordPress, BlogSpot, and Twitter. And of course there are a variety of blogs … [Read more]

Is There ROI In Location Based Marketing?


If you are a business, is it time for you to start paying attention to location based marketing applications like Foursquare and Gowalla? Maybe. As adoption velocity of social applications appears to be increasing at an increasing rate, chances are that you will be hearing more about companies using applications like Foursquare in innovative ways … [Read more]

Registration is Open for BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010!

Join us at the world’s largest social media conference where you can learn and/or fine-tune your social media marketing skills – from THE most successful new media content creators! Register by July 15th and receive the early bird pricing! As a marketing professional in this ever-changing, social media-centered environment, you need to stay on top of the … [Read more]

5 Tips For Selling Your Blog

selling your blog

I recently sold one of my personal blogs and didn’t realize, until it was over, how difficult it would be to let go! I decided to sell for a variety of reasons – the amount of work going into the blog wasn’t corresponding to enough pay, and although I adore the topic, I was starting … [Read more]

Twitter Bans Third Party In-Stream Ads


Whether or not you hate in-stream ads, Twitter is banning many of them. Twitter announced today that plans to edit its terms of service for developers and will prohibit third-party advertising networks and developers from inserting ads into a user’s stream. This will severely affect several companies that created their business around in-stream ads (including … [Read more]

Monetization Monday: Google Reveals AdSense Revenue Share

google adsense

If you have a blog, there’s a good chance you’ve got a Google AdSense block somewhere on your site. AdSense has long been a way to help monetize your site with contextual ads. But it’s always been vague as to how your income is determined. This morning, Google revealed exactly how much they take as … [Read more]

Start Your Blog Now, The Internet Is Running Out of Room!

Get your blog started now because the internet is running out of space! The regulator in charge of assigning IP addresses, under a standard called IPv4, is now reaching its limit of IP addresses. Another standard, IPv6, is capable of providing a near-infinite number of addresses but it has not been widely incorporated. It seems … [Read more]

Top Ways to Use URL Shorteners & Why to Use Them!

Everyone who is on Twitter knows about URL Shorteners. When you tweet, your goal is to pack as much info into that 140 characters as possible, so why would you want to waste it on a lengthy URL? Many websites and blogs have put together a naming process that includes the title of their article … [Read more]