Meet The Milblog Panelists: Barmy Mama

I’ve said before that milbloggers, and the milblog panelists, span the spectrum. Today, it is a pleasure to begin showcasing that spectrum by starting with Barmy Mama. Now, blogging has been a bit lite of late, but having a newborn tends to do that. Now she may not do so, but I hold Rick Calvert … [Read more]

No, Milblogs Are Not PAO or Propaganda

In response to something offline, I wanted to add to what I said yesterday. While some PAO’s blog, and the Department of Defense is starting to blog and engage in social media, milblogs are not PAO operations. The milbloggers do have to register with their command, which can consist of telling their superior they are … [Read more]

In Case You Were Wondering Why…

Here is a reason or 10 why you should end up in Vegas! Thanks Nicole I needed that one today! If you want to let Nicole know how cool this is, feel free to stop and tell her yourself if you are in Las Vegas at BlogWorld& New Media Expo.  Nicole is a speaker that … [Read more]

What is a Milblog, and Why Should You Care?

Aside from being asked what a blog is, the next question that comes up in talking with people — even other bloggers — is “What is a milblog?”  That’s a good question. Milblogs are blogs about the military, or topics of interest to the military, by those associated with the military.  There are several “types” … [Read more]

Are There Any Original Ideas in Blogging Anymore?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Demand Studios Creators Conference in Santa Monica. While there, I was speaking with another writer who was sharing an idea she had for a blog. It was an amazing idea. I won’t give it away here, but in retrospect, the reason this idea tickled me so … [Read more]

Want To Attend the Milblog Track for Free?

I love a good challenge. It gets things flowing, from endorphins onward. Rick Calvert, founder and head of Blog World and New Media Expo, has issued a challenge. It seems Rick is convinced we can get 200 people to the milblog track on 15 October, quite a good number of people. So, he has challenged … [Read more]

It Profits To Be A Non-Profit At BlogWorld!


****Update***  You Only Need A Weekend Pass To Attend The Non Profit Track*** Let’s face it, money is tight.  If you are a large corporation or a hobbyist, an employee or an employer, you know of what I speak.  This is not more prevelant that in the non-profit world.  They have budgets that would make … [Read more]

Next 5 People To Use Tweet35 Get 35% Off Any Blogworld Registration!

Ok you were out of town and missed the deadline to register for BlogWorld & New Media Expo before prices went up. Your dog ate your calendar, your boss didn’t give you the ok in time, you just plain old forgot. Well here is your chance. The next 5 people to use the code TWEET35 … [Read more]

Get A Taste of Blog World Expo

I am going to be talking tomorrow with some of the speakers that will be speaking at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in October.  I have watched as our schedule came together and have many people to thank for that, but none more than the speakers that will be providing their time, their efforts and … [Read more]

Chad Vader Breaks The Internet and Turns To Blog World Expo For Help

If you have not seen this video of Chad Vader now is a good time to check it out.  We have had quite a chuckle here watching and sending it out via Twitter.  Our special thanks to Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda for their hard work in putting it together and allowing us to have … [Read more]