College Admissions Using Social Networking Tools


Think you are completely safe when it comes to what’s being posted on your social networking profiles?  Think all those photos of you or your kids that are tagged, all of those videos you or they might make little cameos in, are safe and sound and seen by no one but you?  Think again.  Turns … [Read more]

CDC Using Twitter For Flu Information


Last week we discussed briefly how Twitter was rapidly becoming much more than just a place to find out who’s doing what, when, and why, and shifting into much more of a conduit for information.  Today, in the midst of a nation-wide pandemic scare, we’re learning just how true that really is.  Twitter, it turns … [Read more]

Learning WordPress


This is my third try at writing this post as I have lost my draft three times.  Isn’t that just the way when you want to talk about a technology?  I am writing this in the dashboard of WordPress.  There are many choices when wanting to use a blogging platform, like Blogger, Moveable Type, Squarespace … [Read more]

Twitter Becoming Huge Conduit For Information


From Twitter’s humble start as a way for you and all of your friends to update each other on what’s going on, where you are, what you’re thinking and what you’re doing, it’s hard to believe where things have currently landed.  A year ago, would you have believed that some of the most popular celebrities … [Read more]

During Recession, Marketers Turning To Social Networks

In today’s economy, I’m fairly sure just about everyone has been feeling the pinch.  When it comes to bigger companies, one of the divisions that I’m sure has been struggling, is the marketing division.  How do you advertise your product to people who are struggling with their own financial issues, without spending more money than … [Read more]

Did Ashton Kutcher Exploit The Children Of Africa?


While searching for other blog posts about the recent hubub over the hypothetical possibility of Oprah Keynoting BlogWorld this year, I came across another post that stunned me and brought a whole new perspective to Kutcher’s million Twitter follower quest that I hadn’t considered before. Blogger Clement Nthambazale Nyirenda has a post accusing Kutcher of … [Read more]

Job Seeking? Social Networking Can Help!


In today’s economy, it seems to me that people fall into one of two categories:  Lucky to still have their job, or desperately searching for a new one.  Granted this is most likely a very vast generalization, but you get the point.  The good news is, the tools available as a job seeker are more … [Read more]

Should Oprah Be Allowed To Speak At BlogWorld?

Wow people can really get their shorts in a twist really quickly in the Blogosphere or in this case the Twittersphere. Tonight Twitter and the tech blogs were buzzing with talk about Ashton Kutcher’s little challenge to CNN to see who could be the first to get to one million followers on Twitter. Larry King … [Read more]

How To Monetize Your Blog; A Gary V Post You Must See!

I just had a great conversation with @Jason Falls from Social Media Explorer and had to write this post.   We were just talking about how some smallish (1,500 to 2,000 readers a day) but high quality niche blogs kept trying to pitch him to get a world wide brand to advertise on their blogs. Jason … [Read more]

Church Encourages Twitter Use During Service

Welcome to the 21st century.  I guess when the institution that has been considered the most traditional and least technologically advanced starts to embrace modern technology like Twitter, it’s time to say it’s officially arrived.  I just caught wind of a church in North Carolina that not only doesn’t care if you text message and … [Read more]