Standing Out

Jeremiah Owyang wrote an interesting post yesterday on how you can get noticed.  In a world where everyone and every company is screaming to stand out from the rest it can be tough to get people’s attention.  Jeremiah recommends that companies and individuals follow 7 guidelines to get noticed: Have a goal Develop a unique … [Read more]

Does Malaysia Hate Bloggers?


Imagine being a blogger living in a place that requires you to register with the government (if you’re a blogger).  Well, if you live in Malaysia this scenario may actually play out.  According to an article on techdirt Malaysia tried to increase tourism with a social media campaign that involved inviting a bunch or journalists … [Read more]

A Facebook Movie…Really?!


Facebook, the social network we have all come to know and love over the last few years, may be moving to the big screen.  That’s right I’m talking about an actual Facebook movie.  According to New York Entertainment Aaron Sorkin is going to be writing the screenplay.  For those of you who don’t remember Aaron, … [Read more]

Corporate Social Media Principles


This morning Business Week wrote an excellent post on corporations adopting (or not adopting) social media called, “Social Media Exposes the Corporate Psychopath.” The article addresses the need for corporations to get over themselves and their fear of social media. According to a poll by Harris Interactive, corporations are seen as one of the least … [Read more]

Technorati Snags BlogCritics


We just received word that Technoarti has acquired Blogcritics.  As many of you know Tehcnorati is considered to be the authoritative source on the pulse of new media and their recent acquisition of Blogcritics may be a sign that they they are looking to switch directions with their company. Blogcritics is an online community of … [Read more]

Blogging or Re-blogging? You Decide


Those of you who write (or are looking to start writing) a blog are most likely using wordpress, if so, then you may be interested in Disqus.  Disqus is a wordpress plugin (also works with typepad, movable type, etc) in that replaces the “comments” section of your blog.  Essentially Disqus is comment management system that … [Read more]

Blogging as a Marketing Tool

Companies are starting to realize exactly how powerful blogs can be, especailly as marketing tools.  According to Geoff Livingston, a PR strategist and social media expert, “It’s a phenomenal promotion vehicle for a company, or a great crisis tool or a great customer service tool.”  Microsoft is using a blog for Windows 7 with the … [Read more]

Facebook is Trying a New Way to Serve Ads

Facebook is going to be rolling out what they are calling “engagement ads” to users.  These ads are going to be grouped into 3 categories: (source Jeremiah Owyang) 1) Comment Style Ad: Members can now leave comments on these advertisements, much like wall posts. Brands that are focused on entertainment, new product rollouts, autos and … [Read more]

Ma.gnolia, Going Open Source


Most bloggers usually do their due diligence before they begin writing a post.  One of the ways to do this is to go through bookmarking sites to find things of interest.  In fact when I find things on the net that I want to read later, I bookmark them.  It’s a great way to organize … [Read more]

Google, Coming to a Cell Phone Near You


Word on the street is that Google and Verizon are close to cutting a deal together that will allow google to be the default search browswer on all verizon phones.  The mobile search market is still relatively new and to be honest, the Iphone is probably one of the only phones out there that even … [Read more]