June 20th Last Day To Save up to 50% Off On Your BlogWorld Registration

  That’s today. So what are you waiting for? Go register now and save your cash for the tables, or for drinking money, or to buy yourself a nice dinner, or a nice present for your spouse that you so thoughtlessly left at home while you went gallivanting off to Vegas to hang out with … [Read more]

Join Us Friday June 20th for BlogWorld Radio Our Guest Will Be Bob Cox of the Media Bloggers Association

***Update 10:09 pm PST**** The link below now points to the archived interview Jim Turner and I conducted with Bob Cox today. A very interesting discussion and I encourage you to listen to the whole thing and share your thoughts in the comments below. The Media Bloggers Association has posted an update here. Join Jim … [Read more]

Bloggers Should Not Take Free Speech For Granted

There are few things people agree on in the Blogosphere. In fact the debate and discourse are arguably the most compelling thing about the Blogosphere. Anyone can say just about anything they want and they can say it without fear of prosecution and in most cases for free. Well not everyone. Per the BBC Today: … [Read more]

Judge Presiding Over Obscenity Trial Has Sexually Explicit Website of His Own

This LA Times story comes from the so sad it’s funny file: The Judge Alex Kozinski told the LA Times he didn’t realize the website was publicly accessible and thought he was the only one who could view it. He was also overheard saying “the Interweb is a series of tubes!” An obscenity trial in … [Read more]

Twitter / Pownce Killer…. Plurk?….

Someone sent me a direct message on Twitter recently asking if I had signed up for Plurk yet. I was curious so I did some quick research. Seems it is meant to be a better scalable version of Twitter with a few added features.  So I signed up. You can follow us/me @BlogWorld. The guys … [Read more]